Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nobody Wants to Be Us

(I am choosing not even to address the ridiculous lapse in my blogging here :)

I titled this blog this because that is exactly what I just thought as I looked around the waiting room that we are at and have been in since about 6:15 this morning.  No one wants to be the family in the waiting room at a hospital but we are even lower than that, we are the family that all the other waiting families feel sorry for.  We are the one's nobody wants to be.  This is quite an unusual feeling for me.  Most of the time, people would LOVE to be us!  Our family always has fun together and we are pretty close knit bunch.  We have a lot of things that most people don't have and want to have. 

Not today though.  Today we are just the family camped out in the waiting room who has the biggest group waiting, who has been here the longest and the group the staff gives the most attention to.  NOBODY wants to be THAT family.  I don't want to be that family.  I want to be the family that is spread over several states and they are all thinking about normal, everyday things like work, school, etc.  I DO NOT want to be the family that can think of NOTHING besides that precious, precious man who is the patriarch of our family lying on that operating table with his actual life in other's hands with NOTHING to do but wait. 

We are waiting here in the Shands waiting room in Gainesville, FL.  We are waiting in south Georgia.  We are waiting in Montgomery, Alabama.  We are waiting in Nashville, Tennessee.  We are waiting in Jingzhou, Hubei, China and we are waiting in Northern Luzon, Philippines.  Waiting and praying, praying and waiting. 

My aunt just read a joke that one of her school teacher friends had put on her facebook.  It went something like this: "You shut your eyes at home in your bed for five minutes at 6:30am and when you open then it is 7:45am.  You shut your eyes at 1:30pm at school for just five minutes you open them and it is 1:31pm."  You get the point.  That is what it feels like today except worse!  You look at the clock and it is 11:25 and you look up expecting it to be somewhere in the 12:00 hour and it is 11:29! 

I BELIEVE in the power of prayer.  I BELIEVE in The Great Physician.  And, I BELIEVE in Romans 8:28 and that all things ARE going to work for good!  I also believe that I might loose my mind before I get to see these things come to pass!  I thought earlier that as miserable as my recovery was from my surgery that I would MUCH rather be the one asleep on the table than the family out here waiting! 

PLEASE remember PaPa in your prayers, even if you are reading this after Tuesday.  He has a long road ahead of him with this recovery.  I will be SO HAPPY when this is behind him and NaNa!!! 


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