Sunday, December 30, 2007

Staying Friends With Meli and Teri

Ok, I have exactly 16 minutes between right now and the time I have to leave for services so I am going to get in as much as I can so Meli and Teri will still be my friends and Gin Gin won't disown me. I don't remember the last thing I wrote but I think it was before the SEC championship game. We lost. Oh well, we were there which is more than I can say for the rest of you! Now I just hope we can step it up and do better on New Year's and beat Wisconsin. Losing a bowl game is NO way to start a new year. I took the first of two Christmas vacations, the second weekend in December and went and spent Sat, Sun, and Mon nights with Mom and Dad in Jackson. I just spent some time with Grandma and the Giselbachs (my aunt and her family) in Jackson, TN. It's something that I don't get to do near enough and I loved every minute of it. On Tuesday I left Jackson, TN and drove the short distance to Nashville. In Nashville I met up with my cousin Jeannie Petty (who let me bunk with her and was the pewrfect hostess....even turning on the heat for me!!!) and we went and visited my newest cousin Hollie! I don't have time to get into everything wonderful but a link to their page is on mine and if you have a few extra minutes, it is definitely awonderful read! SHe is BEAUTIFUL!!! On top of that she is sweet and funny not to mention, one of the most intelligent babies I have ever been around! And.....she took her first (more than 2) steps to ME! YAY! I REALLY wish that I had a camera so you all could see HOW stinkin' cute she is! What a AWESOME addition to the Palmer Clan! Monday night my cousion Gavin took me and Jeannie out for supper and, like all responsible grown ups do, we ordered dessert first! =^) Wednesday involved a little more playing with Hollie before I was off to Huntsville. In Huntsville I got to stay with my friend Bambi and do a little Christmas shopping. I also got to spend some time with Michael and Brian Rainey, which is always an adventure! I love my Huntsville people! (This is also where I locked my keys in my car....UGH!) Thursday I got home about 9:00, which was just in time to get ready and head out to work at 10:00! It was exhausting but worth every minute of it! On to Christmas.....Christmas morning I got held over at work and had to stay until 10 so me and Leigh took off then and went to Mom and Dad's where we had an UNBELIEVABLE Christmas with the whole fam!