Friday, September 11, 2009

I Remember...

...I hope you do too.
I will always remember getting ready in my Faulkner apartment for my 8:00 a.m. (CST) Anatomy and Physiology class and watching Headline News while I was getting ready. Robin Meade broke in with a breaking news alert and showed the pictures of the first building that had just been hit. I thought, momentarily, how sad. The pilot probably had a heart attack or something and then said a prayer for all the people affected. I then went on to class.
When I walked out of that class a kid, Jack, ran up to us and said, "The whole world is under attack." We asked him what happened and he started to tell about the planes hitting the WTC. I stopped him and belittled him a little for being so melodramatic (he was a theatre major) and told him that I saw it this morning before I went to class and no one thought we were under attack.
He then took us into the Nest, where there was a tv (and a crowd gathered watching it) and we saw for ourselves. I quickly went back to my apartment where I met up with my roommates, Lisa and Kelly, and we watched the footage. I just remember thinking that I needed to talk to my family, for some weird reason, to make sure they were all ok. They were all in the south, far away from NYC, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania, but, somehow, it didn't matter. Daddy called just about then and I cried for the first time.
(This isn't really a "blog" nor was it intended to have emotion attached, I just wanted it to forever be saved what my account was from that horrible day.)
God bless America.