Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!


I am so excited! I have to be honest, if my family could all get together to watch the game, this day would trump Christmas to me! I LOVE the beginning of football season! I hope the next time I blog it will be about how excited I am about our first win. This will be my last Tennessee Vols game that doesn't conflict with Faulkner Eagles game, I wish I could be in California! Instead we are hosting a Hurricane/Tennessee party at our house and that stinkin Gustav DOES NOT want to mess with my power or cable until that game is over!

Before I go.....

a couple of prayer requests....

1. All those who are preparing to be impacted by Gustav.

2. Doug Amos's daughter Reyn. Doug works in the Faulkner athletic dept and Reyn was born with a lot of complications and now they have taken her back to Children's Hospital in Birmingham and they have diagnosed her with even more problems.

Hope everyone stays safe during the storm and keeps a good attitude (that's me!) during football season!

One more thing.....

GO VOLS!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An End to The Games

Well, I am stuck between that time between the end of the Olympics and a few days before college football so here are my thoughts on the Olympics before this turns into UT football blog of the year :^)

Trampoline. Rhythmic Gymnastics. Equestrian. Field Hockey. Table Tennis. Handball. Power Walking. I'm going to try not to sound too "Americanized" here but is are these REALLY Olympic caliber events?? I am not about to join the ridiculous debate on if these are sports, they are obviously not. I'll give them "skill" or "game" but "sport", no way. I am also not going to join in the debate on what qualifies as a "sport" (even though I am thoroughly amused, if not in total agreement, with radio personality's Rick and Bubba's theory on the "Big 3" being the only real "sports") The point I am trying to make is are these things really worthy of Olympic sized glory? Especially, in light of the fact that the I.O.C., in all of their infinite wisdom, has now dis banned baseball and softball until, at least, 2016.

I understand their reasoning that the MLB not allowing any of it's players to participate keeps baseball out because, obviously, the best in the world are not competing, which is what the Olympics are all about. I said I understand not agree. Taking away softball, however, I haven't even heard a real reason! The closest "reason" I heard was because of perceived "American dominance." Of course, it has to be pointed out that we won....THE BRONZE, just last week. And, if this is the case for removing "sports" then I'm sure all the Chinese will be sick about the removal of DIVING!!!! Sure. Lest I get off point, none of these reasons (excuses) hold any water when the facts are that you let things like power walking in! Am I the only one that realized that this is a "sport" where a majority of the training and practice takes place in a shopping mall!!! The absurdity of it all makes me wonder if the same who run the U.N. are now running the I.O.C.

The last negative thing that I cannot overlook about these games are the ridiculousness of the Chinese government. I mean this as absolutely NO knock on the Chinese people. By all accounts I have heard, seen, and read they were as hospitable as any host country's people have ever been or ever could be and I appreciate that. I certainly don't hold them accountable for the actions of their government, I certainly wouldn't want to be held accountable for mine sometimes. However, I would have loved to have seen the Shawn Johnson, Natia Lukin, and the rest of the American gymnast in their locker room after getting their silver medals. I'm sure you are all curious as to what I would have said ;^) "They may have their gold medals, but you all get to take your silver's home and do whatever you would like. You can go to college and become a Dr, lawyer, Coach, politician, housewife, or anything in between. You have the option to train to come back to the 2012 Olympics or never step foot in a gym again. these are options that none of these Chinese girl's will ever have and, undoubtedly, would trade all of the gold medals in the world for. Be proud of your silver and even prouder of the country that you earned it for." Then, possibly, the bad sport in me would mention that they take these kids from their homes at 2 or 3 and make them train all day for 365 days a year and they can still on barely beat us and, not without "alleged" cheating and shady judging. What does that say??? I can't mention the Chinese and not give my opinion on the age controversy. Those girls very well may be 16. Of course, I too, may be 16.

Since this looking more like a rant instead of my closing thoughts. Here are my non negative thoughts.

I'm pretty sure I will never forget jumping up and down and screaming at my tv (home alone, of course), watching Jason Leezak chasing down that stinkin French, smack talkin swimmer and the feeling that made me feel like I had just won gold. I won't forget how my heart stopped during that 3 second period of time when it looked like Michael Phelps had been out touched only to find out that all eyes were wrong! Nor will I soon forget seeing these multi millionaires, most of whom have been part of high school, college, and even NBA championship teams pumping their fist up in the air and having tears in their eyes on the medal stand after bringing the Men's basketball gold back home to the USA. These Olympics and triumphant moments and tragic moments and even those that encompassed both like the moment after the US men's volleyball team beat the Brazil team in a gold medal match they were never supposed to be in and all of the emotion was just too much for coach Hugh McCutcheon, who's father in law had just been murdered in front of his wife the day after the opening ceremonies. All he could do was cover his face with both hands and walk off the court and all we could do as spectators was watch with tears in our eyes. In my humble opinion these Olympics, although full of flaws, achieved their gold. They were a nice break from the war, politics, and horror that so often fills our tv time. As previously stated in another post, I love athletics and competition and I love this country so, as long as those things hold true and the feeling I get when watching that beautiful red, white, and blue flag being raised with my national anthem being blared over the loud speakers still gives me a feeling that can't be replicated, I will always love them. Who knows, maybe I'll be in London in the summer of 2012!

Monday, August 18, 2008

hodge podge of a blog

I love the Olympics. I don't mean that they are just entertaining or that they have filled a tv void. I mean I love them. No kidding, I honestly found myself during prayer time last night, thanking God for them. I know, what a nerd. But, as previously discussed, it has just been a rather crappy time in my life and they have been a highlight! If you know me very well at all you know three things, I am very patriotic, I love sports, and I am VERY competitive. The Olympics touches on each of these!! Add on top of that, I also appreciate very nice looking swimmers/divers/water polo players/beach volley players (need I go on :) and it just all adds up to a GREAT thing in my life! I am already having post swimming depression, I am glad I will have college football right around the corner when they are over! This past weekend Louise, Dirt, and Leigh all went out of town and me and Titus stayed behind to keep up with the Olympics. Obviously, from the above picture, he was more into the gymnastics than the swimming but he IS a boy! Last thing about the Olympics (for this post anyway...) if you can watch any athlete from any sport stand on that medal stand while our national anthem is playing in the background and not get a tear in your eye and goosebumps, you are a stronger person than me. I actually swell with pride!

Next on my list of hodge podge issues.... Is there much worse feeling than when a friend experiences something horrible and there is nothing you can do about it? I'm not sure if I have blogged about it but a lot of you have heard me speak about it, heartbreak is the worst thing in the world a person can go through. Whether it is breaking up with a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife or death of a loved one or the loss of a friend, the actual heart breaking is way worse than any physical pain. A few of these are friends of mine who's hearts are breaking that I ask of all of you to keep in your prayers.

1. Shanon Rice. Shanon is a few years younger than me and is married to the preacher (Brint) in Alex City, AL. They have a little girl, Lily, who will be 2 in September and a baby, Barrett who was born July 16th. Lily had the worst case of colic that I have ever heard of a baby having and now Barrett has it too. For anyone who has ever had a child have colic you know how exhausting and horrible that can be. Sunday her grandfather (Shanon was raised by her grandparents and although her mom is in her life, her Grandfather was her "dad") suddenly had a massive stroke and died. She is obviously crushed and having to handle all of this only a month after giving birth and on colic deprived sleep.

2. Reagan Mckenzie. This is Coach Dean Briggs (that I work with at Faulkner football) little grand baby. She was born Friday with a lot of problems and is now in the NICU at the Children's Hospital in Birmingham. She is his first grand baby and obviously already owns his heart. She is currently hooked up to a machine that takes out all of her blood, cleans it with oxygen, and puts it back in her (all very technical terms!) I know this family would appreciate your prayers.

3. The Hick's. Most of you are familiar with their story and know that they just celebrated what would have been Janey's 1st birthday and they are getting ready to deliver their next baby. Please continue to pray that they will find peace and for a very healthy delivery and baby.

4. I have two friends who are going through major marriage problems. They will, obviously, go unnamed but, please keep them in your prayers. I'm not married and even I know how tough being married can be and both of these are married to non Christians and both have children in the picture, which complicates it even more.

5. The Gee family. I'm not sure how many are familiar with them but they are missionaries to Africa. They have 5 (I think) natural born children and now three adopted from over there. They are some of the most amazing people I know and I am going to copy their e mail explaining the situation because I can't condense it. Dear Family, Friends and Supporters:
We desperately need your prayers concerning our daughter, Naomi. As you may remember back in June, she was in an orphanage (had been there 13 months) before she was relinquished to us by her 75-year-old father (her mother is dead). Now, the mother’s brother is challenging the father concerning his relinquishing her to us. Things are much different in Africa concerning parental rights than they are in America.
Because this uncle is family, the court could rule in his favor and he could very well take her away from us. The court will not care that she almost starved to death in his care when she was young or that before we showed interest he was willing for her to spend the rest of her life in an orphanage. But now for some reason, he wants her. Masai girls are sold into marriage as young teenagers...the family gets many cows from the prospective groom.
We love Naomi and want her to remain our daughter. Please remember her in prayer...ask everyone you know to please pray...that the best for Naomi will be decided.
With our deepest gratitude,
Jimmy & Trina Gee & family

6. Last, I ask you to keep me and my family in your prayers. We are going through some tough, personal things, like all families do at one point or another and we are all doing our fair share of praying about it and ask that you will too. I know and believe with everything in me that "all things work together for good" but also know that there is no time promised of when they will work out and getting from here to there can be rough.

Lastly, I hate my job! I do not speak of this lightly and it is hard for me to believe I am saying it because just a couple of months ago I loved it and had loved it for the past five years. There have been a few things that have contributed to my sincere misery there and I have made the decision not to be there by January. I am too young to make myself miserable going to work everyday! I am now actively looking for something where the benefits and pay are as good as they are there but that doesn't contribute to making me a miserable person.

Oh wait! One more thing.....Only TWO WEEKS until the first Tennessee football game!!! GO VOLS and GO TEAM USA!

Friday, August 8, 2008

those times....

So, as most every adult knows, there are times in life where things are just not so great. Not so terrible, thank goodness, just not so great. Things at work are not so great, things at home are not so great. Seems like the devil is taking cheap shots every chance he gets. That is pretty much where I am at. Things have been worse and I certainly don't need anyone telling me how much worse things could be, I know that. If you are one of those people who actually does feel better by hearing how much worse off others are or it could be, please don't assume that everyone is like that. Hearing that things could be worse doesn't help make things better. I am not depressed and really it just one of those times that just makes you ready for it to be over. Of course, a great thing about these times is the powerful knowledge that it will be over. Plus, this time has made me grateful for the past couple of years when things have been so good in my life!

On a much lighter note....the Olympics start today!!! I LOVE the Olympics, always have and am SO excited about them! I know I'm a nerd but there's something to be said about finding the joy in small things and I definitely do that! Also, I need to admit....I have a little crush on Michael Phelps! So, go USA!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Does it ever slow down?

Holy cow! It is crazy how intense and hectic the three weeks have been since I got back! I have definitely been as busy and stressed out as I have ever been! AND IT SHOWS! I have gained 12 pounds in three weeks (those of you who knew me durin the college years aren't shocked by this but for those of you who didn't, I realize how shocking those statistics are!), I am more broken out than a 14 year old, and (if possible) the black under my eyes are a whole shade darker!

Today I started my new part time job at Faulkner. Although not exactly what anyone would define as challanging, it is fun and gives me time to catch up on my blogging! All I need to know now (ironically as on another tab I am registering to start classes, on top of everything else) is does it ever slow down??? Got to run now....15 things to do tonight!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Louise got her packing taken out today and is feeling much better! She can actually sit now! Thanks to all of you who prayed, e mailed, called, and brought food! Weeze, glad things are getting better! Dirt, you're a great nurse!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Busy Days

Whew! Last Thursday I was visiting with Louise when she complained about pain in her lower back. She didn't mention it much and she's not much of a complainer so I didn't think much about it. Friday I was at thier house eating when she mentioned it again. Dirt asked her if she had fallen on her backside or bumped it because she said she thought she might have broken it. By Saturday she and Dirt went to PriMed where they told her that she had some swelling and it might be tendinitis (sp?)....idiots. Saturday night Lisa had come into town and Sunday morning we went to early service and then by Louise's to check on her. Wow, she looked rough. She was in so much pain and the worst part was that the pain meds were making her sick to her stomach. After that me and Lisa were on our way to Jacksonville, FL. We arrived at Lisa's parents at about 6 and pretty much just rested that night. Monday we rested some more and then did a little shopping. Tuesday was our beach day. Wednesday was shopping at the outlets in St. Augusting before church that night. I went to Lake Forest where Granddaddy had been the preacher and it was SO GOOD to get to see all of the people down there who are so like family to me! Thursday we were back on the road to Montgomery where Leigh had picked up the Nichols kids that I was supposed to babysitting and I took them back to their house where they both kicked my butt at Wii bowling before work! I also came by and checked on Louise whom, while I was gone, had ended up in the emergency room having a huge cyst removed! It has been a miserable week for her. Thursday night was tough at work, first of all because I was exhausted and second because I am just going through a terrible time at work. I always said that I wouldn't ever work somewhere that I hated going to everyday and for about the past three weeks I have been. One way or the other things have got to change soon. Anyways, that brings us to today (Friday) When I got off work this morning I went straight to the chiropractor, then brought Louise breakfast, went to the dr, came back to Louise's to help clean up a little, then off to Wetumpka where I am housesitting. Did the stuff I needed to and slept there and now am back for supper and visiting with Louise before work. Dirt is out of town this weekend so I am her stand in nurse! Tomorrow I am taking her back to the doctor, going back to Wetumpka, and then babysitting in the afternoon before coming back for supper with Louise and back to work. Sunday in church of course and then after I get off work Monday morning I go to Faulkner for my first day working at the football office! I get to do a week or so of that before I start school again. We'll see how it goes....another job and school on top of football season being a busy time of year for me anyways!