Sunday, January 25, 2009

Officer Down

It is with much regret that I inform you that Montgomery has lost another police officer. The officer that was in a wreck on January 15th succumbed to his injuries tonight. Please, please keep his family, friends, and "brothers and sisters" from the dept in your prayers over these next very difficult days.
Even though I didn't personally know Officer Broadway my heart is very broken tonight. I ask that you please remember these policemen and firemen that we often consider a nuisance and remember all they put at risk to keep us and our families safe.

***UPDATE***The link I posted above is to his 'Officer Down Memorial Page' page. Any officer killed in the line of duty anytime in America has a page posted there and you can leave a 'reflection' that will be put into book form and sent to his family. It is a really nice thing that is done and if you have a minute to go leave one it is a very nice memorial. I know I keep emphesizing it but I know that it is hard for people outside "the family" to understand how much the guys and their families give up to protect you and yours. Please try to keep them all in your daily prayers.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's OK.... be single.

It is a reoccurring theme that I have to assure people of (regarding myself) all the time and this weekend it was also the "theme" of my lessons to a couple hundred high school girls. Each year Faulkner hosts 'Jewels', which is a high school girls retreat. I was one of five speakers this year and had to speak four times on Saturday. My (obviously assigned) lesson title was "Mister Right...Not Right Now: God's Timing", basically...God's timing with His gift of LOVE...

Now, I have taught a few Bible classes to this age, especially at camp during the summers but always in smaller groups and more interactive settings. But standing up in front of four different groups of high school age girls is slightly intimidating, to say the least. I think it went ok but this is just a tough topic. Believe me, I know that it is NOT taught in the church of Christ that it is OK to be a single woman. I could just see them sitting there looking at me like, "Well, good for you but no thank you. I DO NOT want to be 28 and single." Like there is no worse thing in the world. I have had to fight it the past 8 or so years from not only younger girls but older women too!

Great example.....
As most of you know I went home to Valdosta two weeks ago. While I was there a woman I have known almost my whole life said to another family friend, "That Laurie is such a pretty girl, it's just too bad she's not married." Like I WAS pretty with the exception of that big, nasty wart of singleness right in the middle of my face! :^) I KNOW this is not how she meant it (because I KNOW her and know she just thinks marriage is better than any alternative) but I get stuff like this ALL the time. Seriously, one day I am going to have the time to just sit down and blog on quotes of STUPID things people say to me all time!

Anyways, I digress..... The thing I wanted to get across to these girls is just the opposite of what I have always gotten from everyone (VERY IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: when I use "always" and "everyone" I mean 'everyone' BUT my immediate family and Walker side of non immediate). It was a tough sell but I think I got through to a couple, because they came up to me and told me so :)

It was fun and I am glad that I got the opportunity to do it. I was sad though that it kept me from going home for Homecoming and seeing the last of the Walker cousins who will be graduating from GCS. It's kind of a sad day for the Walkers, who have, to say the least, a very long history there. Congratulations to Sam though, who looked BEAUTIFUL!

Last thing and off subject, please continue to remember Officer Broadway from MPD who is still in critical condition after his accident last week, while on duty. Please remember him, his doctors, his family and friends, and his "brothers and sisters" who are all struggling eight now. Thanks for your prayers and inquiries about him.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Prayer Request

Please, please say a special prayer today (and keep in your prayers) the 21 year old Montgomery Police Officer who was critically wounded last night. He is only 21 years old and is at Jackson Hospital fighting for his life as we speak. It does not look good for him at all but I believe in and know first hand the power of prayer! Although I have never met him personally, he is a part of my family. It's a very weird thing, working in Public Safety. These guys get on my ever loving nerves a lot of nights and goodness knows I have gone toe to toe with more than my fair share of firemen and police officers but I have EXTREME respect for these guys and I know how much crap they go through just to protect the public who is, at the very least, not very thankful. This kid has a family and fiance' and 1,000 "brothers and sisters" who NEED your prayers today just as much as him and his doctors.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wait for it...Wait for it....HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEZE!

25 Things You Should Know About Louise Elizabeth Walker Jones

1. She was born at 11:30 a.m. at South Georgia Medical Center in Valdosta, GA.

2. She was the "runt" of our family weighing in at 9 lbs 11oz at birth. She was Mom's only non 10 lb baby!

3. She was born on Martin Luther King, Jr Day or, as it is known in Alabama, Robert E. Lee Day and usually had the Monday closest to her birthday off of school!

4. When she was 5 years old she ran her tricycle off of Grandmother's porch and broke her arm so badly that she had to have surgery. She still bears the scar on her elbow and HATES it.

5. She played a little basketball and cheered a little in middle and high school. Emphasis on a little.

6. She once had a major heat stroke at a cheerleading camp. She seriously almost died.

7. Mom and Dad moved her to a new school in a new state just two weeks before her 16th birthday.

8. She had always wanted a big sweet sixteen party but, obviously, didn't know anyone in their new town so I brought about 20 of my friends from Faulkner down to Lineville for a surprise party, including Cornerstone to serenade her!

9. Lisa (a good friend of all of ours, almost a sister) once chased one of her x boyfriends through the parking lot of the school after he broke her heart.

10. She married Jody Dustin Jones (Dirt) on June 2, 2007.

11. Her heart belongs to prison ministry. She truly loves it. She started in Trenton with me Dad while she was still in school and now teaches at local prisons here through University CoC's program. She writes her "students" every week and spends lots of time in prayers and lots of tears on them.

12. Although she is the kindest person I know, sympathy is not her strong point. She will be the first to cook for you or write you a card but not so comfortable with the "holding your hair" part.

13. She has always been lovingly referred to as "The Perfect One" by her sisters! (And it's more true than she would ever admit!)

14. Another nickname she has, "The Walking Church Directory". Not only can she tell you how everyone is related to each other, what they look like, where most live, and what is going on in most of their lives; she can tell you where they sit in the church building!

15. She has VERY curly hair but would LOVE to have very straight hair!

16. She is the Walker girl that most resembles a Garner, in looks and spirit.

17. Child care was definitely her life's calling. You, literally, could not ask for a better person to ever stay with your child.

18. She is very non confrontational.

19. She does not consider herself crafty but she really is and has taken up card making and loves it!

20. She makes THE MOST amazing pound cake in the world!

21. She is the middle of three girls and is VERY MUCH the peacemaker of the three!

22. She graduated from Linevile High School in 2002

23. She graduated from Faulkner University in 2006 and Faulkner University in 2006

24. Her favorite color is obviously purple!

25. You absolutely could not ask for a better friend, sister, daughter, granddaughter, wife, or Christian for that matter. She is someone I admire and always have. If she's in your life you should count yourself lucky.
Happy birthday Weeze! I love you and hope that this is your best year yet!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Funny video!

Kayden and Amelia showing off their cheerleading moves, much to their basketball loving Mom's and La's chagrin! But HOW CUTE and FUNNY were they?!?!?

better late than never.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!!!

Sunday was Jessica's 8th birthday and I just CAN NOT believe it! I remember the day she was born like it was literally yesterday! For anyone who doesn't know, Jess was born to the aunt who very practically raised me! I can't imagine being any more excited for a baby to come into this world than I was Jess! So, as I blame Amy every time a birthday comes around, here are 8 things you should know about Jessica Ann!

1. Before Jessica was born the doctors were pretty sure she did not have Down Syndrome. When she was born and did, her parents NEVER missed a step! They did things JUST as well as anyone who had had months to prepare!

2. She LOVES (that is the understatement of the post!) to swim and is REALLY good! The kid is like a FISH!!! I'm pretty sure that she would NEVER get out if Gin gave her any choice!

3. People always told me how happy and sweet down syndrome kids are and she definitely is! Her laugh could make anyone feel better! (she also has quite a stubborn streak....Uncle Kenny told me though that that had little to do with Down Syndrome and a lot to do with her linage! :^)

4. She participates in Special Olympic bowling!

5. She has the longest, skinniest arms and legs I have ever seen!

6. She spent the first week of her life in the hospital in Augusta.

7. Although she doesn't speak she communicates VERY well! Let's just say you know when she's happy and having fun and you definitely know when she isn't and doesn't!

8. She is the light of our lives. I can't imagine one child bringing anymore happiness into a families lives than Jess has brought into ours!


Christmas in Valdosta

I love my home. I'm pretty sure that the old saying home is where the heart is just doesn't hold true with me. I am pretty sure it's the opposite and my heart is actually at my home, which will always be Valdosta/ Quitman/ Lake Park/ Dasher. I just love it there. I miss it more each time I leave. Here are some pitures from my Christmas trip. Sorry there are none from family Christmas but my camera battery was dead. Go figure.Some of my best and oldest friends....Audrey and Meli (both were at my 2nd birthday party!!!)
Meli's cheerleader pose ;^)

Me and the "big girls"

Me and the "little girls" (they both look real thrilled!)

(their favorite cousin brought them a bag full of goodies like bubbles - you know, stuff that kids love and parents hate!)

Amelia (MeMae)


Ella Rose at ballet (seriously....HOW cute???)

Rhett with his Christmas present from La!

Santa Claus left Ella this Tink outfit at my house! :^)

THE CUTEST boys in the world!!! (the oldest one is my "boyfriend"!!!)
Cole, Will, Seth (I LOVE them!)

Wednesday night after services 24 from Quitman went to eat including the Walkers, Jones, all the Sloans, NaNa and PaPa, Copelands, Sykes, and Nathan)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

1st prayer request of 2009

sweet baby Brecken with big sister Kayden

I had a blog idea that I would write today about my New Years resolutions and actually, I already wrote it. It is saved and maybe I'll will post it on another day. Today I need everyone who reads this to please pray for my very dear friend Melissa, her husband John, and their sweet baby Brecken. You can read their full story here but the synopsis is that last year their sweet baby Janey went to Heaven just a few hours after her birth. About 2 1/2 months ago she gave birth to sweet Brecken. The Dr's did have some concerns about Brecken's kidneys but when she finally made her appearance her kidneys appeared to be functioning correctly. Her levels have been good and all had seemed well up until yesterday. Yesterday they went to the specialist appointment that had been scheduled for a while. It wasn't a major ordeal since every time they have checked her levels they have come back normal. Yesterday the Dr found cysts all over here little kidneys and are pretty sure that she has Polycystic Kidney Disease (read more about that This is obviously devastating to Meli and John as well as their friends and families who have seen them through this valley of life they have been traveling in. I DO believe that God WILL work all things together for good for this family who loves Him so just as much as I believe in the power of prayer! That's why I am begging you to not only keep them in your prayers but maybe post a quick blog asking others who read your blogs to lift their names in prayer. If I could give that baby my healthy kidneys I would do it without a moments thought but since prayer is the thing I CAN do, I plan on doing it with all my might. Thanks in advance for your prayers and if anyone would like Melissa's address to send her a note of encouragement just e mail me at May God bless you and yours and may you have a wonderful new year!