Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Heavy Heart...

...that is what this post is written with. Yesterday I had a big date with my "boyfriend" Peyton and his sister Gracie. They are the kids of Coach Nichols and his wife, Haley, whom I wrote about in my last post. I was watching them while their mom had her "baby doctor" appointment to find out what the sex of their baby was going to be. I received a call from Haley (who's Dr was in Auburn, about an hour from Faulkner) from there and she told me the Dr was not able to find a heartbeat. As I write this I just received a text from Coach Nichols that Haley has just gone back for her surgery. I covet your prayers for this family. As Haley told me yesterday, "This baby is ok now, no one has to worry about it anymore" but the family obviously has a lot of healing to do. Please keep them in your prayers and just let me know if you would like their address to send a card.

Also, while I am asking for important prayer time, I have 2 other quick requests. I have also spoken before about Melissa, whom lost her sweet baby on the same day she was born last year, will give birth to another beautiful baby girl, Brecken within the week. There have been a few concerns with this pregnancy as well, so everyone involved will be so happy to meet this baby and make sure that she is healthy. Please keep, Melissa, Brecken, the Dr's, and the family in your prayers. Hopefully, the next time I post about them I will have a picture of a healthy little Brecken!!!

Last but certainly not least is Avie Dawkins. Avie is about 5 1/2 months old and was born to Audrey and Donald with a cleft pallet and is scheduled to have surgery to close it later this month. Audrey and Melissa both were at my very first birthday party so have known me longer than anyone else, excluding family. I love them both like sisters and miss being involved in their daily lives. I hope they both know how much I do care about them and I will be constantly praying for thir little girls over the next few weeks.

I feel so blessed to have you (whoever you are reading this) in my life. It is so reassuring when things seem to be spiraling totally out of my control that I can turn to all you over cyberspace and ask you to join me in prayer. Thanks so much for listening to my rambling and, in advance, for your prayers.