Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Morgan Immitating LoLo Preaching!

Thanks Michelle for helping out your Not-Very-Technically-Savvy friend!

Sorry this video is grainy (shot in the dark with my cell phone) and sideways (I have no idea why) but it is probably my favorite 8 second video EVER! :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

A New House, A Shower, and "The Water", and THE Crawl!

Seems like life is moving at mach speed these days! I can't believe how ridiculously different my life is than it was less than a year ago! And it doesn't appear that it will be slowing down or staying the same anytime soon!

About a month ago the house next to Matt's parents went into foreclosure and his parents asked if we would be interested in buying it. This house is just gorgeous! WAY nicer than what I ever expected to live in and worth WAY MORE than what either one of us could afford to live in! However, because it was a foreclosure it was made possible. We talked it over and decided to go for it! We decided to paint every room except the kitchen and laundry room so we have been spending every night except Wednesday and Thursday nights (mid week church services and church league softball) working over there! Very tiring but VERY exciting!

Because of that purchase me and Leigh decided to go ahead and try to re-lease our apartment and we are SO thankful it rented! Now we are in the process of moving Nathan into his and Leigh's new house, Matt into his new house, and me and Leigh into Matt's old house. Of course we all have full time jobs and we are out of town EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND this month due to showers, family reunions, and birthdays. No biggie! No stress! :) Me and Leigh will live in Matt's house in Dalraida until she moves into their new house after the wedding and I will stay in Matt's old house getting it ready to be sold until ????

Speaking of showers, Leigh had her first (of TEN if I am counting right :) wedding shower in Trenton at mom and dad's congregation. It was SO NICE! I'm sure she will be blogging about it but she RACKED UP! Those people are like family to us and they truly spoiled her! She is so blessed, we all are, to have them in our lives!

Her shower was on a Sunday in between services. The order of services in Trenton is class at 9:30am EST and worship at 10:30am EST. At our home congregation the schedule (we attend the early service) is worship at 8:30 CST and class at 9:30 CST so we are actually at services at the same time on Sunday morning. Well, while I was in class at Trenton I got a text from Matt. I thought that was weird because, although he had no idea what time class and services are in Trenton, I knew he should be in worship service. But, I though maybe he was texting to tell me he was sick or that he had decided to sleep in and go to late service since I wasn't there.

I have to insert here that Matt was raised very devout Catholic. Ever since I met him he would come to services with me at University but he would also attend mass at his church that meets at a different time. He has been studying the entire time we have been dating. He is very much a student of the Bible and enjoys studying, especially with two members of The Church who were both raised Catholic. On the advise of many we have tried to stay away from much religion discussion for obvious reasons. Because of that, I knew he had been studying a lot lately but I really had no idea where he was in his studies.

Back to the text, I open it and it says, "Would you be upset if I got baptized when you weren't here?" WHAT?!? I was so taken back I didn't even know what to think! I texted him back and told him that, of course, I wanted to be there but NO I would never be upset if he did it while I wasn't there. Then I HAD to ask if he was just inquisitive or he was thinking about TODAY! He said he was thinking about that day and had been thinking about it for a while! I called him after our services and their class was over and he said he wanted to talk to Dirt and they were going to lunch and I said to let me know when he decided. I was SO NERVOUS and SO HAPPY! I carried my phone around like it was glued to me for the next hour or two. Then I had to take Morgan to the restroom and I sat it down for just a minute. OF COURSE, when I got back I had a text and a missed call. I didn't even open the text, I just called him right back. He said, "Didn't you read my text?" and made me open the text with him on the phone. The text read, "I was just baptized :)" He had discussed it with Dirt and they went back to the church building and Randy, our preacher, took his confession and Dirt baptized him! There are no words to describe how I felt! Just a great day in so many ways!

Right after that conversation we left for Leigh's shower. After all the "showering" was done, Michelle took Morgan on a walk through the building and tried to explain what Matt had done. She took her to the baptistery, which she is infatuated with anyways. She is always asking to go see "the water." When they came back in the shower Morgan asked me if I would take her back to see "the water." So, off we went. On the way to the auditorium she is telling me how Matt got "in the water" and how she is so happy. SO SWEET! It meant VERY little to me that she had no idea what was really going on! :)

When we got up there we looked at "the water" some more and then she wanted to stand where LoLo stands (LoLo is my dad and he stands at the pulpit when he is preaching :) I pulled the chair up there so she could stand there and she giggled and played for a minute. Then I said, "What does LoLo say when he is up there preaching?" She didn't even hesitate. She replied by banging her hand on the pulpit (which he never does!) and said in the microphone loudly, "GET IN THE WATER!" HAHAHAHA! I did get my phone out and ask her to repeat it but I can't figure out how to load it on here. SO FUNNY! It was such a fun and happy weekend!

When we got home Louise, Ellie, and Dirt turned back around on Wednesday and left for family vacation in Chattanooga. I HATE when Ellie is not around! They FINALLY brought her back on Sunday ;) But, because Matt and I had taken a little trip to Jackson to celebrate Grandma's 80th birthday and for him to meet that side of the family we weren't going to be able to see her until Monday after work. Ellie will be nine months old this Thursday. She sits up better than almost any other baby I have ever seen, she says "MaMa" and "DaDa" and scoots like a champ wherever she wants to go but the kid seemed determined to NOT CRAWL! Until Monday! She FINALLY DID IT! And boy can she move! And every time she does you would think she has just won the Olympics the way we go on! What a champ! Needless to say, we are BURSTING with excitement and couldn't be more proud!

I hate to keep pounding on the same things but I am just so blessed and I DO. NOT. EVER. take it for granted. I am so thankful for this life that I am getting to live! Stay tuned....