Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Cards :)

So after seeing Louise, Leigh, and Michelle's blogs I thought I would pick out a few photo cards that I liked and that I felt fitting since A LOT has happened for me in 2010! It has been a GREAT year for me and for my family! :)

But before starting let me say that shutterfly is one of my favorite sites!!!
My favorite thing I have made off of shutterfly is the memory book we made for Louise and Dustin after their wedding. We took all their pictures from their wedding and set up their room and had a book like this. She absolutely loved it and it was so fun!
The other thing I love is the calendars. I think with the arrival of little Ellie that maybe a good thing to do to record what she looks like every month of next year! :) She is growing so much and just loved more than words can express!

But on to the cards! I think the following cards would be absolutely GREAT!
I like this one because it has a story and I think that would be a way to update everyone on what has gone on in my life! I will be updating my blog on that soon to let everyone know how everything is going since the surgery!

This is the same thing and I feel like it describes exactly how I have felt this year! WHAT A YEAR!! But a GREAT year!!

If anyone else wants to get some free holiday cards go here!!