Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nothing new, just a gripe

Ok, so I have nothing to report in my life so I am going to use this post to vent/gripe.

What is with this word verification???? Can someone please explain this to me?? What in the world are you people protecting your comment pages from? I go to leave ya'll comments and you have this word verification like I am trying to access your bank account! Not only can I only read the sqiggly little letters about half the time but then they are like 15 letters/numbers long! Seriously, WHAT are you protecting your comments page from? Has someone been leaving you all perverted, dirty comments? And, if so, WHY aren't they leaving them on my page? Is my blog not pervert/ nasty person worthy?? Please leave a comment (if you can get through my Ft. Knox like security) and explain this to me.