Tuesday, June 23, 2009


These are the things that I am super frustrated about today!

1. That no one else but me will move the rug in front of our door when it slips to the side. TWO other people live here but they just step over it instead of pushing it back so no one trips over it!

2. My face is peeling! For the love!

3. Bad drivers in Montgomery! YOU are going to cut ME off and then give me the finger when I give you a courtesy honk?!?!?

4. Jon and Kate's getting a divorce.

5. Last but MOST important, I was just at Wal Mart and got in the shortest line (FOUR people in front of me) and it was obviously WIC day! All four people in front of me used WIC and one bought TWENTY FOUR individual servings of Ramon Noodles and FOUR packages of steaks!!! THEN, while I was gathering my bags, the cashier asked the lady behind me if she was using WIC and she said YES! I am ALL FOR helping those in need! Really, I am. However, there is SOMETHING wrong when I am in the minority by NOT being on WIC AND more wrong when I leave Wal Mart thinking, "I need to either quit working or get knocked up!"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tonight me, Kristen, and Barry went to the Biscuits game. I was so excited because I had taken the night off (night sleep!!!!) AND it was fireworks night! I REALLY love fireworks and was extra excited because it was Military Appreciation Night. Our section had to race the section next to us by passing a huge Alaga syrup down the entire section. We won and all of us got these tiny bottles of syrup. As you can tell, Barry and Kristen were REALLY excited to get theirs! I wish that I had pictures of the people sitting in front and behind us....wow. :^) It was a super fun night and I am just loving having Kristen here! Next post will probably be from our family reunion....I'm SO EXCITED!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

VBS 2009

Let me just start by saying, I LOVED VBS as a kid. I had one of those great mom's who took us to every VBS within a 60 mile radius and it makes up some of by best memories as a kid. Now, I had to preface with that so I didn't sound like such a butt when I said I HATE VBS as an adult (and I use that term lightly!) Look, I actually think all sane adult humans do, there are just a very few who are brave enough to admit it out loud. I always am involved only because I want these kids to have the same good memories that I have and I know that for me to have those memories there were a lot of adults who had to endure through volunteering at VBS so I choose to also. I love the idea of VBS. But me, Louise, and Leigh along with only five other adults were responsible for all THIRTY-TWO 1ST AND 2ND GRADERS! What can I say, there are only a very few "bad apples" but it's like the fighting in Vietnam was, they all look alike so it's hard to tell which ones are the enemies! Actually, there were some pretty fun times and the whole show was UNBELIEVABLE! The teachers that taught the class and decorated everything were amazing! however, I am glad it's over :^)

The older kids getting ready for the last night!

Cannan Field

Noble Field

The locker room at Noble Field

Noah's Ark/ the boat Jonah was thrown off

The "adults" that took on the 1st and 2nd graders. From l to r front to back. Kristen McCants, Leigh Walker, James Powers, Leslie Adams, me, Louise Jones, Lance Tucker, and Chrsi Brodie

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Football Camp!

Me after two fun filled days of football camp!

Coach Baker helps Lee show em hot to get it done!

Ryne is well over six feet tall, Cameron is pushing three!

Maybe a future Eagle?

Yeah....what can I say? I love them!

Faulkner Football camp 1st-5th graders

Cameron was one of our favorite campers!

That's Dev's mean face! "THERE'S NO SMILING ON DEFENSE!!!"

Dev studying how Parker is getting it done!

This is Lee, Coach Baker's nephew. SO STINKIN CUTE!!!!!

That's me going down our own home made slip n slide that ended camp!!!! SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The boys having some fun after the kids left!

I really wish I had video of this!

Cam volunteered to get things started...such the heart of a servant! ;^)

Not much to say about football camp that these pictures don't already say except that I never imagined how cute and fun it would be! I also underestimated how very sore you are the day after you slip n slide! WOW! If you want to see more pictures http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=87502&id=500618172&l=4cad4c656b
there are over 50 here! Also, I posted some more super cute videos on YouTube!