Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Cards :)

So after seeing Louise, Leigh, and Michelle's blogs I thought I would pick out a few photo cards that I liked and that I felt fitting since A LOT has happened for me in 2010! It has been a GREAT year for me and for my family! :)

But before starting let me say that shutterfly is one of my favorite sites!!!
My favorite thing I have made off of shutterfly is the memory book we made for Louise and Dustin after their wedding. We took all their pictures from their wedding and set up their room and had a book like this. She absolutely loved it and it was so fun!
The other thing I love is the calendars. I think with the arrival of little Ellie that maybe a good thing to do to record what she looks like every month of next year! :) She is growing so much and just loved more than words can express!

But on to the cards! I think the following cards would be absolutely GREAT!
I like this one because it has a story and I think that would be a way to update everyone on what has gone on in my life! I will be updating my blog on that soon to let everyone know how everything is going since the surgery!

This is the same thing and I feel like it describes exactly how I have felt this year! WHAT A YEAR!! But a GREAT year!!

If anyone else wants to get some free holiday cards go here!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where do I start???

I said I wasn't going to blog ever again because I had gone too long and there was too much to catch up. But, I have changed my mind. I have got to document all of this because I never want to forget it all. This is the Summer that I found out how much I was loved. You know how people say that they wish that so-so could have heard all of the nice things people say at their funeral before they died? I feel like I have heard all of those nice things or, more accurately, felt all of the nice things people would say at my funeral this Summer. I never want to forget that. I am not sure I can finish it all in one blog so I am going to just try to catch up as I can before I have to get up from the couch that I have lived on the past few weeks.

I'll start with my trip to the Philippines (which seems like FOREVER ago). First thing, Magiboo wasn't there. He had gone to spend the Summer with his mom in Manila and they thought he would be back before we left but he didn't get back. I have since learned that his mom has enrolled him in school in Manila and they don't know if he will ever come back to Salamonge Sur. Things are different there. The courts aren't very involved, there are no social services. I pray for Magiboo everyday and it breaks my heart to think I may never see him again but my only option in this situation is to trust that God knows best. Not too long after I got back there was a typhoon that went through Manila and I just stayed in bed crying and praying and watching the news. That is when I decided I had to give the Magiboo situation to God. We had eleven baptisms on our trip and I met all of the new boys at PTC. I love those boys and my PTC family. I had so many fun times and memories that I wanted preserve but I let too much time lapse. Maybe one day I will pull out pictures and that will trigger things but for now I have too much other stuff on my mind. Part of my heart is in the Philippines and probably always will be.

The next thing that happened in my life that I want to remember forever is my birthday weekend. July 18th I turned 29 + 1 (It's my blog so I don't have to type it!). A few months back Louise, Leigh, and Michelle all surprised me by saying that I needed to take off my birthday weekend and that I needed to pack one dress and one casual outfit. Here are the things I thought. The first thing I thought was that we were going to the Braves game. Almost immediately I realized that couldn't be so because Louise would be seven months pregnant and Louise hates outdoor events because, even NOT pregnant she is the most hot natured person I know and pregnant she is like a walking heater. So I really didn't have an idea for the casual idea. As for the dress outfit, I figured that they had reservations at a nice restaurant in downtown. I was wrong!

We left on Saturday morning (the 17th) and all I knew was that we were gong to Atlanta. Off we go on I85 North and right through Atlanta we went. I was very confused. We ended up going to Adairsville, outside of Atlanta. This is where Leigh's boyfriend, Nathan, is from and where Leigh gets her hair done. Leigh had been after me for a while to get my hair cut and I hate to get my hair cut. It literally makes me sick to my stomach. It's not like I love my hair and spend lots of time on it. It stays in a ponytail 95% of the time. I just hate to cut it. I can't explain it, I just hate to cut it. So, when we pulled up to the salon I started making my case that I would get my hair washed (LOVE TO HAVE MY HAIR WASHED!) and trimmed but I was NOT getting it cut! Needless to say, I walked out of there with about nine inches cut off and a totally new hairstyle. Leigh's reasoning and the idea of how hard the long hair would be to take care of during my upcoming recovery convinced me to just cut it off. I donated the cut off hair Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program. This is my eighth time donating my hair and I now donate through Pantene's program instead of Locks of Love for two reasons. One, you only have to donate eight inches instead of ten and second, they make wigs for adult cancer patients and Locks of Love only makes wigs for children.

Next, we headed back towards Atlanta. We stopped and did a little shopping. Leigh had already bought me a new dress for the trip and I bought some new jewelry and new shoes. The shopping was super fun! Next we went and checked into the Holiday Inn Express that is right off the interstate and right beside the Braves stadium. You probably think that now I thought that we were going to the Braves game but I knew that Leigh had lots of points with Holiday Inn Express where she got rooms for free and this one was convenient to all of Atlanta. When we got checked in we immediately got ready in our dress outfits and back in the car we went. They took me to the FOX THEATRE to see Phantom of the Opera!! If you have never been there, you have got to go! This was my second time to go and I LOVE the theatre! It was just awesome! I fell asleep thinking my birthday (the next day) would have a hard time living up to that day!

On Sunday morning we woke up and had a worship service with the four of us in the room. Then, they broke the news to me that we were going to the Braves game! I was super shocked because I was SO SURE we weren't! So, we got dressed and loaded up the car and then walked to Turner Field. You have to know that I love the theater and I love concerts and I love lots of things. But, there is nothing that I love as much (and have loved my whole life) as I do going to Braves and Vols games! I had always wanted to go to a Braves game on my birthday and what better one to do it at than this BIG birthday! I was SO excited but it didn't take long to realize that it was HOT for a day game at the Braves game! We had awesome tickets but before we could even get to them Louise was feeling the effects of the heat. God bless her. She was so sick from the heat and as soon as we got in the stadium, straight to the medic station we went! Turns out her blood pressure and her sugar were ok and after a few minutes in the cold AC and a cold bottle of water she was ready to go. What a trooper! I hope that if I ever get pregnant I am half as tough and active as she has been! No wonder she looks so good! The game was SO fun and the Braves won big! After the game we capped off the weekend with a meal at one of my favorite places and a Braves game day tradition- The Varsity! Perfect! I will post pictures from this adventure soon!

It is almost one am and this has not been one of my easier days in this recovery process so I am going to wrap this up and take it up tomorrow. I'll pick up in my post twenty's!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a 36 hours!

Our friends the Anderson's from Lexington!

We LOVED the sea lions!


Me and Dad on Pier 39 in front of Alcatraz!

Holy cow! In the past thirty-six hours I have found out that I am going to be undergoing major surgery and changing someones life as a result, gotten to give that news (which was one of the best moments of my life), left for a 28 hour trip to Manila, missed my plane by three minutes, stayed without any luggage in a hotel in Atlanta, had a huge breakfast, flew to San Francisco, had a MARVELOUS little mini (8 hours to be exact) vacation, and am now getting ready to fly out to Taipei, Taiwan! That's the condensed version. Let me start back in Montgomery on MONDAY...

So, Louise wrote about me finding out about being a match and telling Janet. After that I was in a RUSH! I hadn't finished packing, hadn't showered, and still had cleaning to do before my flight left at 5:20! I got the call at about 8:30, packed until 10 (when Janet got to work), then went to tell Janet. I got back home about 12:30, which left me 2 1/2 hours to finish packing, clean my house, and clean myself! After a major rush, I got finished just in time to see Louise and Leigh pull up to the house to take me to the airport.

We got to the Montgomery airport and checked my bags in and then Louise and Leigh sat there with me for 30-45 minutes and then I went on through security back into the passenger only area. As soon as I got back there, I found out the plane was delayed. Then it was delayed again. Finally (about an hour and a half late), we got off the ground (that included a 45 minute sit on the runway). When I got to Atlanta, I had come in at the gate that was THE ABSOLUTE FURTHEST from the gate I was scheduled to leave from. Of course. So, then I trekked all the way across the airport by myself to the gate I was supposed to meet Dad and Chris at. When I finally got there I got a call from Dad saying they STILL hadn't left Chattanooga and that we were going to miss our flight to San Francisco and for me to come to the gate where they would be arriving. Anybody want to guess where that gate was? No kidding, just four gates away from where I had arrived, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE AIRPORT! So, on I went.

Finally, one minute after we were supposed to take off to San Francisco, they arrived. They ran out and asked if they could call them and tell them to hold the plane and we would run down to that gate. They said no and Daddy bargained with Delta for the next two hours before FINALLY, at about 11p.m. EST we headed over to The Crowne Plaza (courtesy of Delta Airlines). Daddy and Chris went to the food to order and bring it up to the rooms to eat. They ordered me some cheese sticks but I went on up to the room. I never saw the cheese sticks. I didn't see Daddy again that night. I was so exhausted and that bed was SO COMFORTABLE, that I just fell into the bed.
TUESDAY morning (about 6 1/2 hours after I layed down) we got up and had an awesome breakfast with Chris downstairs then went back to the Atlanta airport. Guess what? Plane DELAYED. About an hour later than our original time we boarded the plane ONLY to find out once we got on that we were going to have to sit on the runway for an hour and a half. And, of course, I was in the middle of three seats. Just lovely. After THE LONGEST 4 1/2 hour flight ever, we arrived in San Francisco!

As soon as we got there we went ahead and took a taxi down to Fisherman's Wharf. This was the best option since we all were loaded down with luggage. We found a place on the pier, looking off at Alcatraz to eat clam chowder in a sour dough bread bowl, which is MY FAVORITE!!! SO GOOD! Then we walked around and did a little sight seeing, a little shopping, a took a few pictures. It was down on the pier that I found this LOVELY little fudge shop and did a little shopping there! Whoo! After that we decided we were going to take a trolley and then the subway back to the airport. It was on the trolley that we met the nicest couple! Carol and Richard Anderson from Lexington, KY. Dad was wearing his name tag that said Trenton church of Christ and they started talking to us because they are members of the church of Christ in Lexington! Big shout out to them because I AM NOT SURE we would have made it back without about another $50 taxi ride! They were so nice and when Daddy and I go up to Lexington for a ballgame, we will definitely be calling them!

NOW, as I write this (about 11:45p.m. CST and 9:45p.m. PST on Tuesday night) we are waiting on our flight to leave. It will leave at 1:45a.m. PST and it is a 12 hour flight to Taipei. We SHOULD only be there for about two hours and then FINALLY on our way to Manila! We should arrive in Manila about two hours later, 9:35a.m. Filipino time on Thursday (which will be 8:45p.m. CST Wednesday)! From there it is a five hour van ride and, FINALLY, we should be there! I covet your prayers for these remaining travels! Hopefully, the next time you hear from me I will be typing from Dagupan, Philippines!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Prayer Requests

This is Louise writing for Laurie. She is leaving today for the Philippines with our Dad and grandparents. Please keep them in your prayers! They all fly out today and return on June 7th and 8th.
In other news and more prayer requests.........LAURIE IS A MATCH FOR JANET!!!!!! Janet needs a new kidney and Laurie has been going through the testing process and she found out today that she's a match!!! This is how she told Janet she is a match.....
Janet got to work today at 10. She had dialysis this morning and got to work at 10. Laurie came in a little after 10 and handed me (Louise) some stuff and then took some flowers to Janet. Janet asked why she was getting flowers and Laurie said, "That's what you get flowers for people that are going in the hospital. I'm a match!"

We were all so excited and Janet was shocked! She could barely breathe!!! I told her she better not pass out! :) She didn't know what to say! We told her she didn't have to say anything!

Then Janet called Chuck and Rachel and they were both so excited! I don't know that either of them had words either!

Here's Laurie and Janet...soon to be blood relatives!!! :)

And here's Janet's flowers.

So anyways, God has HUGE things happening!!!! You never know when you are going to be able to help someone or when God is going to work in your life!!! Please keep Laurie, Dad, Nana, Papa and Janet and her family all in your prayers!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tales From the Single Side...

...things I wish I had known fifteen years ago about dating.

So, I read this article titled 'Things I wish I'd Known About Dating When I was 21' and it inspired THIS blog :^)

The following are things that I wish I knew or TRULY UNDERSTOOD back then:

1. Talk is SO VERY CHEAP! Even when masked by what may be real emotions, it is just TOO easy and cheap! Don't believe ANYTHING someone SAYS, make them PROVE IT with ACTON'S! In fact, date a mute ;^)

2. Pay less attention to the "feeling" they give you and more attention to how often they make you laugh.


4. Try, try again SHOULD NOT apply to a dating relationship! If it didn't work the second time IT'S PROBABLY NOT GOING TO WORK the 15th time! Just sayin...

5. It really shouldn't be that hard. Marriage is hard, the first six months of your relationship should be bliss!

6. LISTEN to your family and friends! They aren't blinded by "love", they see only reality. YOU NEED a little reality.

7. You CAN'T go slow enough. Physically, emotionally, in any way TAKE YOUR TIME! The slower THE BETTER!

8. If you're not sure if the guy you like likes you, KEEP IT MOVING! Let him come back when he's sure or move on to someone who IS DEFINITELY SURE they like you!

9. Guys love to talk about marriage. Until you have a ring on your finger, DON'T talk back about it. In fact, play deaf!

10. It is ok to be picky. Just because there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with him, but you just don't feel "it", that is ok. On the other end of the spectrum, DON'T put up with a bunch of garbage because you don't want to be "too picky".

The most important thing that I would tell, would be to truly keep your priorities. Instead of going for those "look at what a great Christian I am" guys, look for the ones that show a true Christian spirit. I'd probably tell to RELAX too!

For those that misunderstood... last blog, let me clarify some things.

1. IF MY BLOG IS ABOUT YOU, I WILL NAME YOU. I am not so petty that if I wanted to talk about someone I would NOT talk ABOUT them WITHOUT NAMING THEM ON MY BLOG. Thank you all who responded SO VERY MUCH for thinking that I am actually that petty.

2. I am very, very sorry to disappoint you all who thought that I had a perfect life and never was upset and had only 100% happiness in my life. I know, it's very shocking and I, too, and disappointed by that fact. However, I accepted the fact that my life wasn't perfect when I was about 3 1/2. Find some joy though in the fact that I am one of the happiest people I know! OF COURSE I have moments where I wish I had a boyfriend, or times when I wish I was married, or even times when I think I would love to have a kid! I ALSO wish I already had my Master's, had a fabulous job, an awesome closet with an unbelievable wardrobe in it, that are in my dream house with a beautiful, sparkling pool out back, all within walking distance of all of my family!! Truth be told, I wish for the latter A LOT more than I have the moments of loneliness! Some of you may not understand, having completely perfect lives and not wishing for anything better. However, IT'S NOT THAT BAD! In fact, a lot of you have wonderful lives and I don't want you to take offense to this, but I DO NOT want to trade lives with any of you! Maybe Kelly Ripa, but not you ;^)

3. I am going to use my aunt as an example for this point, because I know she won't mind. My Aunt has a gorgeous house in a perfect little neighborhood, an awesome car, a loving Christian husband, lives near her parents and sister, gets regular mani/pedi's, has a housekeeper, and only works part time (for her husband!), she keeps QVC in business, has the most unbelievable pool in her backyard, and her daughter is THE prettiest little thing and is always the best dressed kid in the room! Would you believe that she sometimes calls me and complains to ME (who works TWO jobs AND goes to school FULL TIME and definitely lives paycheck to paycheck) about being busy and tired and stressed out! You know what I do? I listen and I EMPATHIZE. The definition of empathize? The action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner. What that means is, I HAVE NO IDEA what it is like to live her life. With all the other great things she has, she also has the responsibility of taking care of a special needs child everyday. I have no idea what that is like. SO, I empathize. Please, feel free to correct me if I am wrong but, none of you reading this are single and can't remember the last second date you went on, can't even remember the last time you had as much as a CRUSH on anyone. None of you also, have NO IDEA what house, what city, or what state you will live in, in a year. Of course, none of you have no idea where you will be working, if you will still be in school, or even where you will be attending church services at this time next year. ALL OF THOSE THINGS. I qualify for all of those things. And as much as love all of you who were concerned enough and loved me enough to offer your criticism over my last very honest, very brave blog and got upset over it, I hope THIS blog has cleared up some things for you. If not, how about you don't read my blog and we go on loving each other and you just don't know some things and we are all happier that way.

As sarcastic and harsh as this may have sounded, I PROMISE it's not. I KNOW AND APPRECIATE how loved and blessed I am!!! But, I do believe that it needed to be said without my emotions and without my lack of speaking abilities getting in the way. Thanks for hanging on this long and I promise my next blog will be more upbeat :^)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

(Tales From the Single Side) The Worst Part...

You know, there are a lot of things I love about being single. I'm not kidding, I think about them all the time. I love having my own time, not having to share my bed, deciding what to with my own money without having to consult with anyone else, I love not having kids nagging me and throwing up on me all the time, I really could go on and on. That's not the point though. The point of this blog, is what I don't think about very often and that is the worst part of being single. The worst part is not having anybody there. I don't mean that to make you feel sorry for me or tell me how many people I have there for me. You shouldn't feel sorry for me because I, honestly, prefer my life to 99.9% of other people's that I know much about. And, of course, I know how blessed I am with the friends and family that I have. The truth is though that I don't have "a person". I have sisters who have significant others, parents who have each other, and the best friends and aunts and grandparents who all have significant others. It was different when Leigh and Lisa were single too. They were my "people", you know the person you immediately think of when something bad happens, something good happens, or if you have a question about something. It's a two way street, someone who is married or in a relationship can't be a single persons "person", everybody only gets one "person" The thing is, is that I don't have many really exciting or disappointing times right now and I rarely question things. I think this is hitting hard because I don't know ANYTHING about my immediate future right now and it is driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!! My EVERY WAKING MOMENT is being filled with thoughts about what am I going to do??? What am I going to do about my job? Where am I going to live?? WHAT do I want to do?? And ON and ON!!! world, you became my "person" for me to unload a little today. Thanks! :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

(Tales From the Single Side) I love....

Faulkner football
football time in Tennessee!!!
baby clothes
motorcycle riding
March madness
Braves games
blasting the radio with the windows down and sunroof back!
heated leather seats!
eating at the Cheesecake factory
well, eating period
live music
going to the Sheakspere festival
Thanksgiving and Christmas
having a tan

To answer the question that I field AT LEAST once a day, I will get married when I find someone that I love more than these things!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Funny "Single Side" story first...

I told all the mothers I came in contact with this morning at church servcice. FOUR people told me, "Thanks. I wish I could say the same to you!" I kid you not! The first one I thought was kind of weird but FOUR different people, REALLY? Geez! People really think that they can say anything to single people. It was humorous the first time, the fourth time I was looking around to see if someone was punking me, trying to get my reaction!

I wish I didn't have one billion things to do today and could have gone to Chattanooga to see mom or at least had the time to write a super good blog about her but, I do. I didn't want to let the day pass without telling you all how blessed I am. I love that lady more than life itself and try not to let a day go by to thank God for letting her still be here with us! Mom, I love you and appreciate you everyday but just wanted to share it with the world today!

Monday, May 3, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tales From the Single ad

So, in my Effective Communications class we were talking about the difference in what we perceive ourselves to be and what others perceive us to be. We had to write a "personal ad" telling all about ourselves and then have others in the class write ones about us. It was VERY interesting! So....this is going to be an interactive blog! I am going to write a "personal ad" about myself and what I think I am attracted to and what I want THEN you do the same (about me) in the comments. Oh come on! Humor me :^)

Single, white, hard working, Christian female who loves sports, family, Summertime, music, reading, quiet time, eating. Female does come with emotional baggage and is know to suffer with bouts of severe sarcasm. Female is known to occasionally lose her temper and is always up for a fight when it comes to defending her "people". Female loves to travel and hates to work out. Female is a huge Tennessee fan and thinks someone being an Alabama or Florida fan is actually a character flaw. Female is considered by some as stubborn. Female cries at ALL sad commercials, movies, TV shows, and books but very rarely cries in "real life". Female loves to do mission work and work with children. Female has commitment issues but, at least, can admit it. Female DOES NOT seek someone to "complete" her. Female feels she is already "complete", she is just seeking someone to "enhance" her. Female is seeking a single, white, Christian male who makes her laugh and is a hard worker. Those are the only important criteria. However, female, IDEALLY, would find someone who loves going to football, basketball, and baseball games with her. Someone who can bring some spontaneity and fun into her life. Someone who can love her family as much as she does, even with their few flaws. Someone who is not obsessed with their car, body, or any other possession. Someone who IS NOT a Momma's boy!!!! Someone who is a REAL MAN! NOT some girlie man! Female probably NEEDS someone who is tough and will stand up to her when needed. Female wouldn't be mad if said Male looks and talks like Matthew Mcconaughey ;^)

p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man who set all the standards for the men in mine, Louise, and Leigh's life! Happy 54th birthday to Daddy, hope you have AT LEAST 54 MORE healthy ones!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Prayer Request

This is not an easy blog to write. I don't like letting anyone know that I might fail at something. It's probably my biggest flaw in life; I would rather not even attempt something rather than fail. I told someone today that I have never even put in a job application where I didn't already know that I would be hired. I would rather stay in my miserable job rather than be put in a position where I could fail. Which all leads me to my prayer request. As anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows, I am miserable in my job. The stress is aging me and molding me into a person I don't like and the hours are literally taking years off the end of my life. I work at least 60 hours a week, am forced to miss a lot of church services, and have very little "life". I feel like I miss out on something every single day. A job opportunity has come up at Faulkner with the Alumni Association. I put my application in yesterday and would really, really, really appreciate it if you could take one minute to say a quick prayer for me. Although I have a lot of people fighting for me and supporting me I have run into some roadblocks due to my lack of experience and education. I think this job would be more of an answer to my prayers than I had even dared hope for. It would be almost dream like AND make it possible for me to live in the same city as little Lizzy Lou (which, honestly, keeps me awake worrying about). I think that, not only, would I love the job, I think I would be awesome at it! I really do. I have never really wanted a certain job before. I have always just looked for something that would pay the bills and I wouldn't hate. I really want this job. I am trying to remember how blessed I am to have the jobs I have and that this won't be the worst thing that has ever happened to be if I don't get it but I just can't remember the last time I actually wanted ANYthing this much. Anyways, thanks for taking the minute to read this and REALLY thank all of you who take the time to pray!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tales From the Single Side...It's Just Like Anything Else, that is. Or, having a crush, or being in a relationship, or being in love. It's just like any other habit. Take fingernail biting, for instance, there are people who bite their fingernails constantly. It is, obviously a gross habit (not to mention an unsanitary one), but if you are in the habit of doing it, it is almost impossible to stop. However, if you use hot sauce or a product like No Bite, you can kick the habit. Smoking, drinking, picking your nose, dragging your feet, whatever the habit, it feels almost impossible to quit until you actually do. Then, you go hours then days then weeks then months to eventually years without doing it again. Here is where the problem comes in. Once you haven't bitten your nails for years, it is REALLY hard to start back up. The desire is gone. And now that you don't do it anymore all you can see are the negatives from it. See where I am going with this?

Dating or "being in" whatever is exactly the same. There was a time in my life when I went from relationship to relationship to crush to relationship to "love" to...well, you get the point. Anyways, it has been a long time since I have been on a date. No, put a time period on your version of "a long time" and double it, maybe triple it and then you have an idea of how long I am talking. The one date that I can actually remember going out on was terrible. Let me give you my version of terrible:

Guy works with girl. Guy has hardly ever seen Girl but talks to her on the phone pretty regularly and finally asks for Girl's phone number. Guy asks Girl out many times but Girl is always busy and doesn't particularly want to go out with Guy. However, Guy finally backs Girl into a corner. So Girl gets ready to go out with Guy who is a super nice guy but she's just not into him. Girl does not feel like you have to go on a date with someone to know if you are into them or not. However, what's done is done and Guy picks Girl up. Guy didn't plan the date but rather asked Girl where she wants to go. This already is going down hill because this is one of Girl's pet peeves. Girl picks a restaurant and a movie. First, Guy and Girl head to the restaurant. Guy asks Girl if she likes a certain Christian artist. Girl tells Guy that she doesn't really listen to much Christian music, actually she likes talk radio. Guy can't believe and spends five minutes lecturing Girl on how she should listen to Christian music. Next Guy asks Girl if she has read "The Five Love Languages" This is not the kind of book Girl would read for fun. The title bores Girl. "No." she answers. She has a friend who read it and liked it but it is not really the kind of book Girl reads. She prefers fiction. Guys spends the rest of the ride to the restaurant on how good the book is. Next there is a fifteen minute tantalizing conversation about what Guy and Girl will be ordering that I will spare you. The Guy asks Girl if she ever gets to watch or read Joel O'Steen (sp?) stuff. ***sigh and eye roll*** "No." Girl's nerves aren't good enough to watch Joel O'Steen. (She leaves that part out and just replies "no."). At this point Girl advises Guy that she won't be able to make the movie afterwards because of the time and then tries to change the topic. She tries politics, sports, ANYthing besides religion. Don't get me wrong, Girl is a Christian and does in fact love God. She just can't take anymore religious talk on this first date! Changing the topic DOES NOT work. EVERYthing somehow manages to work it's way back to religion. Finally, dinner is over and Guy and Girl get in the truck to go back to Girl's house. Guy asks Girl if there is anything else that she wants to do. Girl quickly replies "no." and says she really doesn't have a lot of time. Next, Guy says (and I couldn't make this up), "Have you ever been to that Family Christian book store?" Girl now believes she is being "Punk'd" and starts looking around the truck for the hidden cameras. Guy seriously asks Girl if she wants to go walk around the Christian bookstore. Girl has to answer that she has been there but would rather just go on home. Thankfully, the date ends soon. And ends without so much as a hug or even a false promise of another date. However, even a year later, Guy still seems to be under the delusion that it went well and keeps asking Girl out.

Terrible. Geez. If you think it was hard to read about you should have been there! It does have to be said here though that Guy *name changed to protect the innocent, is one of the nicest, sweetest guys I know and deserves someone way better than I am and I hope he finds her (soon).

Back to my point, I'm sure after my last heartbreak there had to be a time when I wanted to have a crush on someone again or at least the "butterflies", even if I wasn't ready to actually jump back into full relationship mode. I can't remember such a time but since I am positive I am still alive and am not gay, I just assume there was. However, since so much time has gone by, all I can remember are the bad points to dating. The bad dates, the rejection, the neediness of another human being, the irritating habits of men in general, the questions and thoughts that take over your brain and allow you to think of nothing else, and the strain on your free time. So, I have decided to jump back on the bandwagon and try to find someone to go on a "date" with this Summer. I can't force myself to have the "butterflies" or really be interested but I can force myself to give it a fair try, even if it is only to get myself back in the game.

Ick. The thought makes me sick (literally hurts my stomach)but, it has been pointed out, how grossly "all about me" I have become and I am trying to branch out a little. Maybe God will surprise me (in a good way this time!) Either way, you have to get back in the saddle sometime, right?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Confessions of a 29 year old...

OK, so for those of you who don't know me well enough to know this, I have some REAL anxiety about my next birthday. Not like the funny, make-a-joke kind of anxiety but the makes me hyperventilate a little, brings a tear to my eye kind. So, I have been trying to figure out the root of all of this before that dreadful day in July rolls around. I think that it's honestly the fact that I am not where I thought I would be. Please, spare me the marriage and baby sob story, it's not the big clock ticking. I never had a real plan but I feel like NOTHING is different in my life than it was when I was 22. Obviously, I don't have the marriage and kids, but I also don't have a real career, or I don't do a lot of traveling, nothing. So, that thought makes me think that maybe I am just stuck and can't remember all the differences so I am making a list of the things about my life RIGHT now. Here goes:


I LOVE living around Louise and Leigh. I love our family time and that I get to see them most everyday.
I LOVE that I make enough money to usually cover all the bills and can buy most anything that I want. (Usually being the operative word in that sentence)
I LOVE being a member of the University CoC.
I LOVE working with Faulkner football.
I LOVE that the last few years me and Daddy have gotten to go see so many Tennessee games. I LOVE this time together.
I LOVE my dvr. Shallow, possibly, but true none the less.
I LOVE sharing the 31 thing with my Mom. It's just fun to have something like that to do together.
I LOVE talking to Gin most mornings.
I LOVE getting to go to the Philippines with my grandparents every year. I LOVE going to the Philippines. AND, I LOVE getting to go with my grandparents.
I LOVE gummy vitamins


I HATE working night shift and sleeping during the day.
I HATE the aforementioned birthday that is looming.
I HATE the shape I am in right now.
I HATE how busy I am.
I HATE that I never get to see any of my friends.
I HATE how many things I have to miss out on with my family and friends because of work.
I HATE the electrical system in our house.
I HATE going to school every Monday night and HOMEWORK!


I DREAD moving from here and my family and my new niece or nephew. DREAD IT. I know I have to because I can't live the rest of my life just living here because of them but I DREAD it BIG TIME.
I DREAD changing careers, I know, again, that it's crazy but what I do has become a lot of who I am. Even though I hate the stress and the shift work, I love the family of emergency responders and the fact that I am doing something that actually makes a difference.
I DREAD moving to a new place. Here there are people that need me sometimes and I honestly love that. I hate the idea of moving somewhere alone where no one knows me, much less needs me.


I Need You Know by Lady Antebellum
My Best Days by Danny Gokey
History In the Making by Darius Rucker
American Honey by Lady Antebellum
Wrong Baby Wrong by Martina McBride
Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble
Whatcha Say by Jason DeRulo
I Pray Fro You by Jaron & the Long Road to Love
Smile by Uncle Kracker
Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You by Kellie Pickler

things that are ALWAYS in my kitchen now:

Maple and Brown Sugar Quaker Instant Oatmeal
Simply Lemonade with Raspberry
Simply Orange juice
Fuze Cranberry Raspberry
JollyTime 100 calorie bags of kettle corn
Smart Ones and Lean Cuisine meals
Progresso Light soup
FiberOne bars
Nature Valley bars
Thomas Multi Grain english muffins
Weight Watchers cream cheese
Skinny Cow desserts


Go back to the Philippines at least once every year
Go back to Greece
Go to Moscow, the Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Australia, and about a million other places but those are off the top of my head. I'd also like to retrace one of Paul's missionary journey's.
Buy a house
Pay off my car and student loans
Have a job I love and pays plenty
Go on a vacation. A real, week long, don't have to get out of bed or put on anything besides a bathing suit kind of vacation.
Do yoga regularly
Go on a cruise with Leigh
Teach a high school girls Bible class
Have an organized house
Be a Tennessee season ticket holder
Go to an Olympics
I will be able to forgive and forget

Who knows how much of this will be different and/or accomplished in 5 years, to be honest, I can't remember a lot about how life was 5 years ago. Maybe though I'll be able to read this five years from now and remember what life was like now and be more appreciative of where I am then.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tales from the Single Side part III...

...What A Girl Wants (feel free to teach your young boy children this!)

I read this article today, titled 'What Women Want From Men'. I'll give you the Cliff Notes version.

Women evidently want:
1. "Return Her Messages"
2. "Kiss Her for No reason"
3. "Dance With Her"
4. "Dress Up for Her"
5. "Remember Random Milestones"
6. "Take on an Activity With Her"
7. Propose a Visit to Her Family"
8. "It's the Little Things..."

I don't even know where to start with this! Maybe I am not the type "woman" this article is written about or maybe everybody is right (hold all comments similar to this though...because I will fight you on it!) and I am TOO PICKY (NO SUCH THING, but I guess that is just an opinion- even if it is RIGHT!) but these seem RIDICULOUS!

"Return her messages"??? If he has to be told this, odds are he has OTHER things he needs to learn before getting to "what a woman wants", you know like, "how to be a decent grown up human"

"Kiss her for no reason" Um, what are actual reasons TO kiss someone? And would you want to be with someone who has to be told TO kiss you?? Don't you want to be with someone that WANTS TO KISS you? Or is that just another CRAZY thing I want??

I do like "dress up for her" I know this is possibly crazy because I don't love to dress up and I am not asking for a guy to buy a tux and wear it everyday but I LIKE to see a suit on Sundays and I think dress pants and a button down shirt looks really nice on most guys. I can go with this one.

"Remember random milestones" and "take up an activity with her" are kind of to each their own. I kind of would like a guy to remember little details, not because it's what I want, but because it's important to him. And, I love the theatre, ballet, and the planetarium. Odds are, most guys won't love any of these but I don't want to drag him there. Just every once in a blue moon I would like him to take to one because he loves me and the world can every once in a blue moon just revolve around me. Again, I don't feel like he should have to read this in some article, I feel like he should want to make me happy every once in a blue moon. Crazy me with the high standards.

"Propose a visit to her family" bothers me the most. The article goes on to say that do this "even if you're not particularly fond of her busybody mother and father, suggesting a visit (EVEN JUST A YEARLY ONE)"... Are there women who really are willing to settle for this? I mean are there women who love their families who are willing to settle for this??? Good grief! I mean, even with all of their faults, if you can't love my family, there are too many things wrong with you to even warrant a second date! Second, a man has been hitting up that crazy crack pipe too much if he thinks I am visiting my family only once a year! Who does that? I can't even discuss this anymore without raising my blood pressure!

THESE are the things THIS woman wants in a man:

1. A Godly, Christian man who will help lead me to Heaven.

2. Someone who makes me laugh!! A lot!!

3. Someone who loves my family (and, really how could you not?)

4. A real man! Not someone scared of bugs or cats or that spends more time getting ready in the mornings than I do.

5. Someone who doesn't like to fight but won't let me run over them.

6. Someone who likes sports (and VERY PREFERABLY NOT an Alabama or Florida fan!)

7. Someone taller than me (I totally realize how petty this is...)

8. Someone bigger than me. (I don't even feel like I have to explain this one)

Friday, March 5, 2010


I had a real funny post to post today about something that I had read but then I was given some news that lead me in another direction.

I realized something today about heartbreak. It is almost always accompanied by shock. Think about it. Someone dies and the timing of it often shocks you. Someone in your family or circle of friends gets diagnosed with a serious disease and you are so shocked. Someone cheats on you or breaks up with or leaves you and you never would have believed it. Why is this? Why aren't we better prepared for heartbreaking things? OR why do the people we expect least hurt us the most? These are not questions I expect to be answered and I hope that you aren't looking for answers further down in this blog because I honestly don't know one besides to blame Satan.

Most of you who know me know that I have had my heart broken more than once by a boy. A couple of times left the most lasting scars though and these were the times that, still to this day, I have a hard time believing that they did the things they did. I can honestly say, I never saw either one coming. I am still in shock over those and, goodness knows, they have been a minute ago. In those cases, the shock has gone on much longer than the heartbreak did.

When mom had the stroke, I was first shocked and then the heartbreak set in. It was (and STILL IS) shocking to think of a perfectly healthy 45 year old who has never spent a non-chilbirthing day in a hospital as able to have a debilitating stroke. How could you NOT be shocked to see your perfectly-healthy-the-last-time-you-saw-her-mom suddenly laid up in the icu unit of a hospital unable to even speak or walk??? Who even had time to be heartbroken at first, shock consumed so much?!?!?!

Today I found out some very disturbing (seems inappropriate it so understates how I feel) news about some friends of mine. They evidently have had an affair. I just COULD NOT be anymore shocked!!! And there had even been rumors before and I STILL couldn't be more shocked. I would have put this man in the top of the Godly men I know. Such an evangelist!! And, she....I mean, not her! I just can not believe it. Neither one of them. I can't believe they would risk their a) SOULS, b)families, c)jobs/livelihoods, d)SO MANY strong friendships, d)their reputations- NO ONE had a better reputation throughout their respective brotherhood or community than these two! I just can't fathom it. To say I am in shock right now is the biggest understatement ever.

There really is no point to this blog besides for me to ramble "out loud" and to ask you all to please pray for these two people, their families, the Godly work they have been so involved in, and all who were hurt by them.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun weekend! Lokking forward to a fun week!

me and Ash at her going away luncheon on Friday. (note to self: find a better picture of self and Ashley!!!)

This weekend has been so fun! On Saturday I got up and went shopping with Leigh and Nathan and then we went out to eat at The Street cafe (YUM!) with Ashley and some of her friends. Ashley has been the best friend that wasn't bound to me by blood the past few years. She was the trainer for Faulkner football and the only girl to keep me sane in this office full of boys! She decided a while back that in order to fulfill her goal of being a full time missionary that she was going to need to go back to school to get her nursing degree. She then figured out that the only way to get that done was to do away with (as much as possible) all living/boarding expenses. So, the decision was made that she would "retire" from athletic training (and obviously Faulkner) and move back home to Indiana where there was a softball coaching position waiting on her and she could live at home for free. Then, she will begin nursing school full time. I am so amazed by her all the time but this is just one more amazing thing! I cannot imagine voluntarily turning my entire life upside down and not knowing really what the future holds! She is such an inspiration to me and, although I wish her the very best, I am just going to miss her like crazy (and probably go crazy since they are replacing her with ANOTHER boy!!!) The dinner was really fun but, obviously, very bittersweet. After dinner, we went home and got our guest bedroom put up and got the Christmas stuff at least moved into the guest bedroom. Next stop, all the way to it's rightful spot in the laundry room!! :)

After work Sunday morning I came home and got ready real quick and then went to Krispy Kreme and bought two dozen doughnuts. I was real early and went into our classroom and set up a coffee pot, and a water boiler, alone with some tea bags, hot chocolate packets, cups, sugar, creamer, etc. with Nathan's help. We just got a new Bible class teacher for the young professionals class at University and since then our class size has jumped from about twenty to about thirty-five! The teacher is Matt Vega from Jones School of Law and if you are in the area, I HAVE to suggest you come! You will see why our class is growing so! Since we have been having so many visitors and because we have just talked about it for so long, I just went out and purchased a cheap coffee pot and stuff so we could have it in that class room. Funny thing! I don't drink coffee and had NO idea how to make it! Obviously, everything but how many scoops to put in is pretty simple. Let's just say, 14 scoops is BY FAR too many! That coffee looked like syrup! HA!

Sunday for lunch Louise and Dirt, Michelle, Justin and Morgan, and Nathan all came over for lunch. We had chicken casserole, cheese potatoes, peas, mac and cheese, and rolls with homemade oreo ice cream for dessert! It was great food and even better company! After all but Nathan left we went were SO SO SO EXCITED for the USA vs Canada Olympic gold hockey game! I got dressed in red, white, and blue and we settled in, ready to celebrate! If you watched you know that at about 4:40p.m. CST, with about 24 seconds left in the game THE UNITED STATES SCORED TO TIE IT UP!!!!!!!! AWESOME! EXCEPT, University's church service starts at 5:00p.m.!!!!!!! After MUCH debate on whether to follow on our cell phones (we had the nursery!) or to avoid all contact with the outside world and watch it on tivo after services, we decided to do the latter! Let's just say, as much as we loved the nursery AND two of our favorite people were in there (Kensley and Morgan!) it was still a VERY LONG hour! But, at last we ran out and headed for home with Kensley, Jenn, and Fipps in tow! Fipps (Corey) is our Offensive Coordinator and we just LOVE that family! They have recently started coming to University regularly and we are just LOVING IT! They came over and watched the end of the game and the closing ceremonies with us! We were really bummed that we lost but a fun night was still had by all!

Needless to say, that after being up for 29ish hours I was pretty tired but I got started watching the new show, 'Marriage Ref' that came on after the closing ceremonies and IT OWNED ME! SO FUNNY and DEFINITELY making it to the regular scheduled programming for our house! While I am on the subjects of TV shows and fun things this week, I am SO, SO SUPER EXCITED about Jim and Pam having their baby this week!!!! (I know, I know, they are just TV characters but I just LOVE them!)

Late last night my parents made it in and they will be here all week along with NaNa and PaPa! I JUST LOVE Lectureship time! We are all about to go to lunch and then I am making dinner at my house tonight before class. After class, another coach, Chad and his girlfriend Macey are coming over to have a little Bachelor finale party! YAY! The rest of the week will be filled with regular old work and school but with all my family here to make it so much better! I am so excited and I hope that you all have as great a week as I am planning!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

picture of the day!

I stole this picture from Michelle's blog from when they went to the zoo. (In case you missed it, that's Louise and a STORK! Come on, HOW GREAT is that?????)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

One of those days...

...ever had one? You know, where every slow drive gets in front of you and you seriously consider the literal cost of just ramming their car with yours? Or where you just want to comment on every single person's status that reads (something like) "I just love my wonderful life, my wonderful kids, my wonderful husband...even my poop is wonderful, everything is just perfect!!!", and say, "Really? No one's buying it and you sound like you are just trying to convince yourself and it really annoys the rest of us to have to read your stupid status everyday." OR (along the same lines) want to just delete those who's statuses make you want to slit your wrist everyday or think that they are thinking about it everyday! Or you try to catch up on your tivo a little and the stupidity of The Bachelor (which is OBVIOUSLY NOT new to this episode) makes you want to throw your shoe at the TV? OK, maybe you haven't exactly but you know! So, in honor of this and because I am having a major pity party for myself today, I am going to list some of the things I am perturbed about and counter it with things I am happy about. For my own mental health. Read on if you'd like but PLEASE save your "it could be worse" comments. I OBVIOUSLY know this.

1. I hate this city. I was going to list all of the things I hate about it but it is much easier to just list the things I love and DON'T hate about it. I love Faulkner, University CoC, the fact that three of my cousins live close, and that I get to see my sisters everyday!

2. I hate this weather. There is NOTHING I like about cold weather. It makes my hair bad, skin bad, makes my shoulder and knee hurt almost constantly, I STAY cold, and I stay in layers so I feel free to eat all I want and gain weight. Plus, this year God decided, evidently, to REALLY mess with all the "global warming" people out there and has added in snow, which is a 911 dispatchers NIGHTMARE!

3. We are in a book club with the church and are currently reading Francine River's Redeeming Love and I have always heard how wonderful it is and I think it's awful! I mean, I get the story and all but real life is horrible, WHY would I want to spend my very precious free time reading about more horrible? Maybe it's because I see the crappy side of the world a lot more than most people because of work but I want to read happy stories where people fall in love, endure through hard time and come out better people, and that END HAPPY!

4. The Bachelor. I know, I have total control over recording and watching this stupid show but it always brings me back in like the proverbial "bad wreck on the side of the road" I just CAN'T believe that there are women who are SO INCREDIBLY STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, I guess the thing that really bothers me, is that I DO BELIEVE IT and it irritates me SO MUCH!!!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid! I WOULD LOVE to be a contestant on this show and him try to pull some of this stuff over on me OR have FIVE MINUTES with these girls to talk some sense in to them!!!!

5. I know I have harped on this too much and I do believe that God has a plan for keeping me here even over my persistent prayers other wise but, I HATE MY JOB!!!!!! I distinctly remember saying that I loved my job (LONG ago!) but, for the life of me, I CANNOT remember WHY I would have said such a thing!!!! I hate the STUPID callers (which IS 90% of them) about their STUPID (NOT 911 WORTHY) problems (that they usually have brought on themselves!) I despise some of my bosses, I think the entire place is run like crap and that Braden (who is one month old) could make better decisions and run the place better! I hate the uniforms and I feel like hate isn't a strong enough word for how I feel about working night shift. I hate how it makes me feel, hate how it makes me look, and I HATE missing out on SO much! I even HATE the uniforms!!!!

OK, now things I am happy about:

1. I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING BAD can compare to the happiness THIS brings me!!!!!!!

2. I am SO grateful to have A job with good insurance and able to pay all of my bills every single month!

3. I got to go to my first ever Lady Vols game at Thompson-Boling arena in Knoxville!!!! It was definitely something that was on my "bucket list" and it was SO FUN!!!! I have yet to visit Knoxville when I wouldn't describe it as one of the best times of my life!

4. I love my Faulkner football family! I love the coaches, players, and Ashley! They ALWAYS make me feel better, no matter how crummy my night was! And, they can always be counted on to MAKE ME LAUGH!

5. I love that I was raised to have a real relationship with God! I ALWAYS feel like He is REALLY with me, I often find myself talking to Him like He is sitting beside me! Because of this, I know that of all the crummy feelings and bad days I have and will have in the future, the one thing I don't ever have to contend with is loneliness. I am SO grateful for this!

Hope you all are having a better day than I am and, don't worry, I am going to bed soon and will wake up in a better mood!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tales from the single side....Part 2

I think I am going to title this second installment, "Things NOT to Say to Single People (that have actually been said to me!!!!)

1. "You need to move to where all the good, single, Christian men are!" (Is there a range somewhere that I can sit up in a tree stand of sorts and shoot them down as they run by????? And if there is, would I want to pick up my entire life to up and move there just to do that????)

2. (A conversation someone was having with me and my sister) Leigh: "I love him! He is only 31, I don't think that is too old for me." Person X: "You have to wonder about someone though that is 30 and not married. I mean, what is wrong with them that they aren't married already if they are that wonderful?" Me: "Really??"

3. "How is it that someone like you are still single?"

4. And along the same lines, "WHY are you STILL single?"

5. (talking about a guy that I have made the point that I am not interested in) "Can you really afford to be that picky anymore?"

6. (at my little sister's wedding) "You better hurry up or both of your younger sisters will be married and you won't be. You don't want that do you?" (dead serious)

7. "Isn't it time to start compromising?"

8. "You do like boys, don't you?"

9. "Maybe you should think more about the way you dress and do something with your hair and make-up. That would help."

10. And my personal favorite: "Isn't your biological clock starting to tick pretty loudly? You know women have a lot of problems getting pregnant after thirty."

Do you really need any commentary from me on this?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Start of Another Generation!!!

So....I know most of you know the news already but, that's not stopping me from blogging about it!

Mom and Dad came in on Sunday afternoon. I had worked all night Saturday night, came home, took a shower and got ready for church service, went to morning service, and then got lunch with Louise (while Dirt went hunting). After lunch Louise went with me to a 31 party. If any of you haven't been to one (***shameless plug***you should! :^) we always start the party by doing a "Celebrate, Encourage, and Reward" introduction game. During this game, everyone introduces themselves, and then they say something from their life that they are celebrating, then they say something encouraging to the hostess, and then I reward them with something. Well, I always go first and then I go to whichever sister is there helping me. Obviously, this time it was Louise. She said that the thing in her life that she was celebrating was me getting in A in Statistics (which, believe me, IS worth celebrating!).

Mom and Dad got in town during the party and my Dad dropped my Mom off at the party. We all left straight from there and met Dad, Dirt, Leigh, and Nathan at pm church service. Mom and Dad were down to celebrate Louise's birthday (which was 1/15) so we all went to Jason's Deli from supper with some friends and then went back to Louise's house. After our friends left Louise's, I announced that I was leaving to go home (if you are keeping up here, I have now been up over 24 hours straight). Louise stood up and told me to wait that she wanted to show us all the latest project she had been working on and went to the back.

She came back in and gave me, Leigh, and Mom& Dad all cards. No one thought this out of the ordinary because Louise is always making cards. Cards for family, cards for friends, cards for the sick, cards for prisoners, etc. You can look at the cards above. They were super cute and she came up with them all by herself! I read the card out loud and look up and started asking who these were for and Mom and Leigh jumped up screaming. Then it hit me. Life had just changed for all of us. Kind of a huge moment! I am so super excited, Leigh is so super excited, Louise and Dirt are obviously excited, but my Mom and Dad can't hardly contain themselves! If you aren't their facebook friend, you are REALLY missing out! :)
One day, if the baby ever decides to read this, the rest of the post is from him/her.
Dear My First Niece or Nephew,
I wish that I was eloquent enough with words to put into words how I am feeling right now. The news of your impending birth has been the happiest thing that has happened to this family in a very long time. That is really saying a lot because, as you probably know by now, really happy things happen in this family all the time! Here are a few things to help you navigate your way through this family, that maybe you haven't figured out just yet.
First, we'll start with your Aunt Leigh Leigh. Leigh Leigh is probably your best bet to being "the cool kid", especially if you turn out to be a girl. She is going to be the one who tells you all about the best make up and hair products and the best clothes to wear. This advise will probably differ from your mom's and I, and will probably make your dad cringe (because, inevitably, will be the most expensive make up, hair products, and clothes!), but it will probably be most in line with whatever the fashion guru's of the day are saying. You will always be able to go to her and tell her anything without fear of any judgement. However, take my advise, this is the family member you do not want to cross. Boy or girl, she will chew you up and spit you out. She will love you through it all but, you do not want to learn this for yourself! You will be just like the rest of us and always be glad to have her and will find out that her light shines brightest when you need her.
Next, your Grandma (I know that's not what you are calling her but as of this date, she hasn't picked out her name yet!). Wow. Pretty special lady, huh? Have you ever met someone with a better heart than her? My guess is that she has probably driven you crazy once or twice already but that you also have already learned that she is your biggest fan! Funny thing, she was ALWAYS mine, your Mom's, and Aunt Leigh's biggest fan! There is definitely no way that you could have scored a better Grandma. I know this without ever seeing her in Grandma form because I know for a fact that we couldn't have scored a better Mom. What a lucky kid to get a bake cookies whenever you come to visit, drive hours to cheer on your every game, send presents for every good grade, best hug giver kind of Grandma! Don't ever take this lady for granted, you have no idea how close you came to never knowing her.
I think your Grandpa (the name thing goes here too!) is close to my favorite person ever. I believe that he has been a blessing to SO many over the years and we all have known how great he is with kids. There is no doubt in my mind that he is one of your favorite people ever too. No kid has ever NOT loved him! His biggest fault is that he is always stretched too thin. He tries to give everything to everybody and I have a hunch that, once you get here, he may get a little more focused. He has the special ability to make everybody feel like they are the most important person. The cool thing for you, is that you really will be. Also, if you are a boy (or a girl who loves sports!) he will be your golden ticket! He has played and coached almost every sport and will love nothing more than teaching you! I am sure he is already dreaming about it and planning it!
That brings us to your dad. Your dad has become such an important part of this family that it is hard for me to remember a time before him. I am so glad my sister got a Godly, Christian husband and I am so glad that you got such a Godly, Christian dad. Boy or girl, I can't wait to see the first camos he buys you! The great thing about having him as a dad is that you get so much knowledge about so much! He studies the Bible and will all be there to answer any questions and discuss that will you. He knows so much about guns, hunting, fishing, etc! He and your other Grandpa will definitely be the experts to turn to for those things! Not a lot of experience on this side of the family! He also is SO smart! I know you will always have someone to help you through school because he has helped me so much! There is no doubt in my mind that he will be such a great dad because he has been such a great husband to your mom, such a great brother to us, and such a great son to your other grandparents! They are such great people and did such a good job with him, that he definitely learned well!
I think that leaves us with your mom. You really, really hit the Mom lottery with yours. There has never been a kid that has met your mom that didn't love her. For that matter, I don't think there has ever been ANYONE that has met your mom that didn't love her. We have always picked on her, calling her "the perfect sister" but the truth is she is about as close as they come. Your mom has the biggest heart of anyone I know and does more good than anyone else I know. Even though she is my little sister, I have always looked up to her. I know she is my sister and I love her more than life itself so that takes a little away from this admission, but I honestly think I would believe it even if we weren't related. I don't think that if you could choose from all the women that have ever lived or will ever live who would be your Mom that you could do any better. She is the most Godly woman I have ever known and I pray that you realize what a blessing she is. My mom (your Grandma) was the best, most Godly mom ever and I took her for granted and then almost lost her. If you learn anything from me, I hope that it is not just about Tennessee athletics, family history, or sarcasm, I hope that it is NOT to make the same mistake I did. Don't ever take your mom for granted. I know she is all you have ever known, but she really is the best.
In closing, know that we, along with your great grandparents, great aunts and uncles, and cousins all already love you and have been praying for you since before we knew anything about you. I am sure that by now we are great friends and I think you hung the moon but, I know from experience, there is something great about knowing that people, not only will always be there for you no matter what, but have loved you and have been praying for you since before you were even born! Knowing what you are made of, I know you are the greatest kid ever and even though I haven't met you yet, and in fact only found out about you earlier this week, thanks for coming in and making the greatest family ever even better. I definitely love you kid!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tales from the Single Side...Part 1

I am going to start a "series" on here called 'Tales from the Single Side'. I know that 99% of you that read these things aren't single and a lot haven't been for a while. And most of you never were single past 25. Things happen to people single over the age of 25, especially those that are members of the church of Christ and these things are just too outrageous/hilarious/ridiculous/irritating not to share.

First in this series is a "how to." Actually, It's a combination "How To/How NOT TO!"

HOT TO and HOW NOT TO set a single person up.

1. Just because YOU like a guy and YOU like a girl, IS NOT enough reason to think that THEY might like each other. Please think about what they like and makes them happy and not just why YOU like them and that they make YOU happy.

2. Just thinking that 2 people would make you and your husband's perfect "couple friends" DOES NOT make them a perfect match for each other!!

3. You know both people that you are trying to set up. Do they have things in common? And not just some stuff, most important stuff. Example: Most important like their faith, slightly less important: the things that mean the most important to them and how they spend most of their time: family, friends, extra curricular activities.

4. NEVER, EVER try to set someone up without their knowledge or tell them JUST AS ya'll are walking in to meet the person. I know, you WOULD think it would be common sense.

5. (this is going to be shocking for some of you, so be prepared) YOU ARE NOT "REALLY GOOD" AT SETTING PEOPLE UP!! You DON'T "have a gift", nor do you "have a really good track record" Sorry to be so blunt but, you aren't and one successful couple does not a "track record" make.

Personally I am flattered anytime someone wants to set me up with someone they love. It's amazing to think that you think enough of me to be willing to set me up with your brother, grandson, son, nephew, great-nephew, cousin, friend, friend of a second cousin twice removed, the guy that is your family mechanic, or the guy you met while waiting for the mechanic, ect. I know that my flattery sometimes comes off as irritation, but the truth is, I AM flattered. I just ask that you, PLEASE, give it just a little more thought next time. I ask this for all single people everywhere.

Here are some examples of people that others have thought were "perfect" for me that, indeed, were not:

(All names are withheld to protect the very, very guilty)

One lady, who bragged about her "track record" recently tried to set me up with a very nice man. A very nice man who is only five years older than I, but appears to be about fifteen. His interests are children (he is a teacher at an elementary school), music (music teacher), and he recently won a grant from the state to make puppets. He does this for fun. VERY nice man. Just to remind you all, I love "my children" but have very little patience for all the other ones in the world. I was fully prepared to give up my dream job because it required some teaching. The extent of my music interest goes about as far as the concerts I give in my car. Puppets freak me out and I love sports.

Another recent set up attempt was by my Grandma (whom I love but cannot accept that I am so very happy single). Her reasoning was that she knows he is a very strong Christian from her congregation and thought him very nice looking and he loves Tennessee football too (she was on the right path, but.....), unfortunately, he is, um, older. Like past child having years.

Some others were a crazy, REALLY wanted to get married NOW guy with a cat. Then there was the recent widower with two children. And let's not forget the Florida Gators fan. So many stories, so little time.

I do hope this post has been informative for you all. Please feel free to comment with any questions and look for the next installment of 'Tales From the Single Side': Things NOT to say to single people!

:) :) :) :) :)