Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Funny "Single Side" story first...

I told all the mothers I came in contact with this morning at church servcice. FOUR people told me, "Thanks. I wish I could say the same to you!" I kid you not! The first one I thought was kind of weird but FOUR different people, REALLY? Geez! People really think that they can say anything to single people. It was humorous the first time, the fourth time I was looking around to see if someone was punking me, trying to get my reaction!

I wish I didn't have one billion things to do today and could have gone to Chattanooga to see mom or at least had the time to write a super good blog about her but, I do. I didn't want to let the day pass without telling you all how blessed I am. I love that lady more than life itself and try not to let a day go by to thank God for letting her still be here with us! Mom, I love you and appreciate you everyday but just wanted to share it with the world today!


Jamie G. Walker said...

Honey~ God really blessed me when He gave us you! You were my constant companion and shadow for 3and 1/2 years. You have said and done things continually that brought insight into my relationship with God and my mother. I thank-you for that! You are so very special, so loving and so very generous. Crystal asked me the other day if Ellie was going to need anything b/c of all the many things you have gotten her. And you are that way with all your friends and family. You have such a gift for teaching and such a wonderful zest for living! I love you so much!