Friday, May 21, 2010

Tales From the Single Side...

...things I wish I had known fifteen years ago about dating.

So, I read this article titled 'Things I wish I'd Known About Dating When I was 21' and it inspired THIS blog :^)

The following are things that I wish I knew or TRULY UNDERSTOOD back then:

1. Talk is SO VERY CHEAP! Even when masked by what may be real emotions, it is just TOO easy and cheap! Don't believe ANYTHING someone SAYS, make them PROVE IT with ACTON'S! In fact, date a mute ;^)

2. Pay less attention to the "feeling" they give you and more attention to how often they make you laugh.


4. Try, try again SHOULD NOT apply to a dating relationship! If it didn't work the second time IT'S PROBABLY NOT GOING TO WORK the 15th time! Just sayin...

5. It really shouldn't be that hard. Marriage is hard, the first six months of your relationship should be bliss!

6. LISTEN to your family and friends! They aren't blinded by "love", they see only reality. YOU NEED a little reality.

7. You CAN'T go slow enough. Physically, emotionally, in any way TAKE YOUR TIME! The slower THE BETTER!

8. If you're not sure if the guy you like likes you, KEEP IT MOVING! Let him come back when he's sure or move on to someone who IS DEFINITELY SURE they like you!

9. Guys love to talk about marriage. Until you have a ring on your finger, DON'T talk back about it. In fact, play deaf!

10. It is ok to be picky. Just because there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with him, but you just don't feel "it", that is ok. On the other end of the spectrum, DON'T put up with a bunch of garbage because you don't want to be "too picky".

The most important thing that I would tell, would be to truly keep your priorities. Instead of going for those "look at what a great Christian I am" guys, look for the ones that show a true Christian spirit. I'd probably tell to RELAX too!


Leslie A. said...

I agree with EVERYthing in this post :-) VERY well said!!!

Brooke Bailey said...

thanks for the advice.

The Dawkins said...

I am just saying that #6 is right on....I mean I am just saying....