Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tales from the single side....Part 2

I think I am going to title this second installment, "Things NOT to Say to Single People (that have actually been said to me!!!!)

1. "You need to move to where all the good, single, Christian men are!" (Is there a range somewhere that I can sit up in a tree stand of sorts and shoot them down as they run by????? And if there is, would I want to pick up my entire life to up and move there just to do that????)

2. (A conversation someone was having with me and my sister) Leigh: "I love him! He is only 31, I don't think that is too old for me." Person X: "You have to wonder about someone though that is 30 and not married. I mean, what is wrong with them that they aren't married already if they are that wonderful?" Me: "Really??"

3. "How is it that someone like you are still single?"

4. And along the same lines, "WHY are you STILL single?"

5. (talking about a guy that I have made the point that I am not interested in) "Can you really afford to be that picky anymore?"

6. (at my little sister's wedding) "You better hurry up or both of your younger sisters will be married and you won't be. You don't want that do you?" (dead serious)

7. "Isn't it time to start compromising?"

8. "You do like boys, don't you?"

9. "Maybe you should think more about the way you dress and do something with your hair and make-up. That would help."

10. And my personal favorite: "Isn't your biological clock starting to tick pretty loudly? You know women have a lot of problems getting pregnant after thirty."

Do you really need any commentary from me on this?


Hicks Family said...

No, I can imagine the commentary in my head...which is pretty funny.
I like you just the way you are, btw.

Summer said...

Wow. That sucks. I could add more, but it would be things NOT to say to the reproductively challenged...people just don't think before speaking.

Rebecca said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Now we need to come up with some good comebacks to say to these people!