Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Football Camp!

Me after two fun filled days of football camp!

Coach Baker helps Lee show em hot to get it done!

Ryne is well over six feet tall, Cameron is pushing three!

Maybe a future Eagle?

Yeah....what can I say? I love them!

Faulkner Football camp 1st-5th graders

Cameron was one of our favorite campers!

That's Dev's mean face! "THERE'S NO SMILING ON DEFENSE!!!"

Dev studying how Parker is getting it done!

This is Lee, Coach Baker's nephew. SO STINKIN CUTE!!!!!

That's me going down our own home made slip n slide that ended camp!!!! SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The boys having some fun after the kids left!

I really wish I had video of this!

Cam volunteered to get things started...such the heart of a servant! ;^)

Not much to say about football camp that these pictures don't already say except that I never imagined how cute and fun it would be! I also underestimated how very sore you are the day after you slip n slide! WOW! If you want to see more pictures
there are over 50 here! Also, I posted some more super cute videos on YouTube!


Hicks Family said...

wish I could have seen a video of you slip n slidin'! Looked like you were right up your alley with the camp/football. Glad you had a good time. Miss you.

The Holtons said...

Glad to know you have your "body guards" around! Looks like they could take care of any PROBLEMS you might have!!! Gald you had fun! Love ya!

Leigh said...

Melissa you do not realize how RIGHT UP HER ALLEY THIS JOB REALLY IS FOR HER!!! :) we always knew she worked better with Males!!! :) Love you Laurie!! Glad you had fun! Pictures and videos are priceless!!