Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas in Valdosta

I love my home. I'm pretty sure that the old saying home is where the heart is just doesn't hold true with me. I am pretty sure it's the opposite and my heart is actually at my home, which will always be Valdosta/ Quitman/ Lake Park/ Dasher. I just love it there. I miss it more each time I leave. Here are some pitures from my Christmas trip. Sorry there are none from family Christmas but my camera battery was dead. Go figure.Some of my best and oldest friends....Audrey and Meli (both were at my 2nd birthday party!!!)
Meli's cheerleader pose ;^)

Me and the "big girls"

Me and the "little girls" (they both look real thrilled!)

(their favorite cousin brought them a bag full of goodies like bubbles - you know, stuff that kids love and parents hate!)

Amelia (MeMae)


Ella Rose at ballet (seriously....HOW cute???)

Rhett with his Christmas present from La!

Santa Claus left Ella this Tink outfit at my house! :^)

THE CUTEST boys in the world!!! (the oldest one is my "boyfriend"!!!)
Cole, Will, Seth (I LOVE them!)

Wednesday night after services 24 from Quitman went to eat including the Walkers, Jones, all the Sloans, NaNa and PaPa, Copelands, Sykes, and Nathan)


Leigh said...

Not trying to correct but the last picture was taken Sunday night after church! But none the less great post...and I know you love it there...ILY

Leigh said...

And now after I posted that it looked a little smart buttish...but I meant to add a few of these to it! :):):):):):) ILY

The Holtons said...

I was going to make the same comment Leigh made-it was Sunday night!!!!!