Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wait for it...Wait for it....HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEZE!

25 Things You Should Know About Louise Elizabeth Walker Jones

1. She was born at 11:30 a.m. at South Georgia Medical Center in Valdosta, GA.

2. She was the "runt" of our family weighing in at 9 lbs 11oz at birth. She was Mom's only non 10 lb baby!

3. She was born on Martin Luther King, Jr Day or, as it is known in Alabama, Robert E. Lee Day and usually had the Monday closest to her birthday off of school!

4. When she was 5 years old she ran her tricycle off of Grandmother's porch and broke her arm so badly that she had to have surgery. She still bears the scar on her elbow and HATES it.

5. She played a little basketball and cheered a little in middle and high school. Emphasis on a little.

6. She once had a major heat stroke at a cheerleading camp. She seriously almost died.

7. Mom and Dad moved her to a new school in a new state just two weeks before her 16th birthday.

8. She had always wanted a big sweet sixteen party but, obviously, didn't know anyone in their new town so I brought about 20 of my friends from Faulkner down to Lineville for a surprise party, including Cornerstone to serenade her!

9. Lisa (a good friend of all of ours, almost a sister) once chased one of her x boyfriends through the parking lot of the school after he broke her heart.

10. She married Jody Dustin Jones (Dirt) on June 2, 2007.

11. Her heart belongs to prison ministry. She truly loves it. She started in Trenton with me Dad while she was still in school and now teaches at local prisons here through University CoC's program. She writes her "students" every week and spends lots of time in prayers and lots of tears on them.

12. Although she is the kindest person I know, sympathy is not her strong point. She will be the first to cook for you or write you a card but not so comfortable with the "holding your hair" part.

13. She has always been lovingly referred to as "The Perfect One" by her sisters! (And it's more true than she would ever admit!)

14. Another nickname she has, "The Walking Church Directory". Not only can she tell you how everyone is related to each other, what they look like, where most live, and what is going on in most of their lives; she can tell you where they sit in the church building!

15. She has VERY curly hair but would LOVE to have very straight hair!

16. She is the Walker girl that most resembles a Garner, in looks and spirit.

17. Child care was definitely her life's calling. You, literally, could not ask for a better person to ever stay with your child.

18. She is very non confrontational.

19. She does not consider herself crafty but she really is and has taken up card making and loves it!

20. She makes THE MOST amazing pound cake in the world!

21. She is the middle of three girls and is VERY MUCH the peacemaker of the three!

22. She graduated from Linevile High School in 2002

23. She graduated from Faulkner University in 2006 and Faulkner University in 2006

24. Her favorite color is obviously purple!

25. You absolutely could not ask for a better friend, sister, daughter, granddaughter, wife, or Christian for that matter. She is someone I admire and always have. If she's in your life you should count yourself lucky.
Happy birthday Weeze! I love you and hope that this is your best year yet!!


Bev said...

I'm telling you, Amy should have taken out a patent on the # of things about a person on that # of birthdays! Loved everyone of these about Louise--you forgot to mention cutting the electrical cord and cutting her hair to the scalp...happy, happy birthday, Louise, you are precious! XO, Steve&Bev

Leigh said...

hahaha....i love all of them...bev's comment made me laugh out loud for real! (Side note...not trying to correct you but you might wanna look at #23 :)) I LOVE YOU!! lol

Louise said...

Thanks for the blog!!! And thanks for helping to make this one of the best birthdays ever!! Love you!!

Dart-Dart said...

I think 13 was my favorite...but remember Laurie you are Abby's fav cousin!

Wow, Jamie, you birth some big babies!

Happy Birthday, Weezey!

Court said...

SOOOOOOO True!!! I love this blog!