Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back to the old blog....

Ok, to all of you who really know me, you couldn't have expected much better of me. I hardly can leep up with everything going on in my life, much less keep everyone else updated regularly. Let's see where to start...
First, I lived. I didn't think I would but I did. I missed a couple days of work and a whole weeks worth of church services, only to get sick again about a week and a half later. That's right, deathly ill again. Only this time, I got sick the weeke we had to be moved out of our apartment. Lovely, I know. Much thanks to Leigh, NaNa, and some friends of ours we got moved out of our apartment and into our new HOUSE (capitalization inserted for happiness emphesis :). That's the good news, the bad news is, it's now almost the end of the next month and we have really only unpacked the basics. We're having Thanksgiving here this year, so maybe we'll have it done by then!
Let's see....I lived, we moved....that leaves football. As most of you know, football plays MUCH too large of a role in my life. I LOVE it. Schedule my life around it. Tennessee football (of course) and this year, Faulkner has started a team. Tennessee has caused me much anguish over thier season but, Faulkner football has been great! Well, not the team so much. They've been much like you would expect a first year team to be. However, I LOVE the tailgating. We have been doing a HUGE tailgaiting thing at all of the in town games but, Sat before last we took it to a whole new level. I went to work at 10:30 that night and called the officer that was working in that district and asked him just to give me a call if he saw anyone trying to set up to tailgate out there. (You have to understand that this was another team here in town and they have a very small campus that is located downtown and there is not much room to tailgate. However, they wouldn't let us set our stuff out until 'the day of the game' or we would be tresspassing.) About 1:15 am he called and said there WAS someone setting up. So, I called my brother in law and our friend Jason and they all loaded up and went out there. Just so you're keeping up, I called them about 1:30 in the morning, the game doesn't start until 1:30 that afternoon. I was only working half a night, so I got off at 2:30 am. I went home, woke Leigh up, we both put on sweatpants and met them out there. The two of us made ten. Of course, we were the only girls. They had set up three tents, about 25 lawn chairs, a grill, a tv and satellite, three tables with food, and a huge cooler full of drinks. Later, when the fire rescue truck from that district got a call, they stopped by on their way back from their run (both of them, obviously, work with me and one goes to church with all of us) and the two very nice policeman who told us about the spot, brought us out some hot chocolate. It was SO fun!!!! We ended up with over 50 tailgating but nothing (including the game) was as much fun as those first 5 or 6 hours before everyone else showed up!
I think (besides for Meli and Kayden's visit, which will be covered in my next blog) that about wraps it up. I've been working an insane amount of hours and will continue to do so until the holiday season, so forgive me if I don't update as much as I shoud.
(also, please forgive me for all of the errors in this post...it was done at 3 in the morning. You've got to love what night shift does to your body)