Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How do you all do it?

Good greif. Ya'll make me feel like the worst blogger ever! Where do you find the time to, not only keep your blog so updated, but to keep them so cute, also? Geez. I figure that, on average, I work about sixty hours a week. That leaves me 108 hours a week. Appx 4 hours are spent at church services, appx 50 hours sleeping (yeah, right...the key workd there is appx and I know that some wees appx has to be closer to 35-40), and probably 4 hours for the Tenn game on Saturday. WHERE is that other 50 hours?!?!? It seems like I never have time to do things like sit down for a meal, call friends, play on the internet and keep my e mail and blogging updated, shop, cook, clean..... So, somebody give me the secret. Most of you either go to school and work, have kids and work, ect and you still get your stuff done. It would seem that I should have a plethera (sp?) of time since I am only working.

On to updating......
First, football. This week, I am the happiest football fan alive. Not only did my Vols win, impressively Saturday, against Arkansas, but we seriously have a chance to make it to the SEC championship! Seriously. Daddy comes home from the Phillipines on Wednesday and I am driving up on Friday and we will go to the Tenn/Vandy game Sat in Knoxville! YAY! I have missed him like crazy and ALWAYS love going to Knoxville! I am storing up money just in case Tennessee doesn't blow it and we make it to Atlanta!
Next, Thanksgiving. Of course, I have to work on Thanksgiving so this will be my first Thanksgiving without Momma and Daddy. They will be coming to our house on Monday morning and staying until Wednesday. Our family will be having our meal on Tuesday and then Mom and Dad will leave and drive to Jackson and be with all of Mom's family until Saturday. Louise and Dirt will leave on Wednesday and go to Corinth to be with his family. Leigh is still deciding. She wants to go see Mom's family but also doesn't want to leave me here by myself (even though, honestly, I would spend the entire day SLEEPING!) or miss out on our day-after-Thanksgiving shopping! We'll see.
Next, my visit with Meli and Kayden. They arrived after the misery that was the Tennessee-Alabama game, October 20. I didn't have the bed up in our guest room but since Leigh was out of town I put them in there. It's up now, Meli! We visited for a while before calling Louise and Dirt and met them at a Mexican resturant for supper, after going by the park so KaKa could see the ducks. After that we made the obligatory stop at Krispy Kreme and came home and watched The Little Mermaid and visited some more. My favorite part of the visit was waking up on Sunday morning. I think those of you with children may not be able to realize what a treat that is. Kayden was in such a good mood and I loved hearing her conversation in the am! I was soaking in the tub before services when I heard Meli's voice and poked my head out of the curtain....Kayden had been standing in there, no telling how long and either hadn't said anything or I didn't hear her. She must have gotten quite the concert! I was just laying there singing to my Sister Hazel cd, while she was standing on the other side of the curtian! Whoo! They went to servies with me at University and I was so proud to have them! When they left I had no idea how sad I would be! There's nothing like having something around for a time to realize how much you miss it!
Finally, I am going to get better at this! Soon, I'll get some pictures up of everything including the family, the Tenn game, Meli's vistit, and the new house!