Thursday, August 16, 2007

Car Woes

So, my plan was to get up around 8 yesterday morning, shoewer, pack, go hang out with Meli until around lunch then leave to come back to Montgomery (about a 4 1/2 hour drive) and be back in time to rest before I had to be at work at 10:30. Well, things started to go amiss from the plan when I left Melissa's the night before, around 9ish. I decided to go see Nicole sionce she lived right down the street. It was when I went to leave her house that I noticed that I had a flat tire. Now, don't be mistaken when you see the word flat. I don't mean real low on air, I mean FLAT! Well, Tom had already left for work so I decided just to sleep there and worry about it in the morning. There wasn't much I could do after 11:00 anyways. Well, God love him, when I woke up Wednesday morning Tom had taken my car, had the tire patched AND brought us Chick-Fil-A for breakfast. I was SO happy and not too far off of my plan. Now, Gin Gin's house (where I was staying) was about 5 miles away. SO, off I go to pack and to go to Meli's. Well, not so much, evidently. The tire was flat again by the time I got there. Just my luck. So, a very nice man from the Children's Home comes over and helps me put on my spare. I go to Melissa's for a very short time and then I'm on my way to Quitman (going at the blazing speed of 45 mph!) because PaPa knows a tire guy who can probably get me a good used tire for a reasonable amount of money and pretty quickly. Well, for times sake I'm going to move this along, I finally left Quitman at about 10:30 (e.s.t.) last night with four NEW tires and $300 poorer! You've got to love life! On a much more serious note, Meli seemed to be better but please keep them in your prayers!


Louise said...

Look at my sister the blogger!! =) And I love how you don't allow anonymous comments!!

The Holtons said...

Hey-Glad you got to come and spend some time with Melissa. She is lucky to have such a good friend! When are you coming to spend some time with gin Gin???

I started my blog but haven't posted anything yet. I need someone smarter than me to coach me through it! Love ya-gin

Lindsey said...

Hey Laurie - it was good to see earlier this week too! Glad you left a comment and I'll add your blog to my link list. Sorry about your tire dilemna, are such a blessing but when something goes wrong with them, they can be such a pain! Hope you have a good weekend!