Monday, September 3, 2007

no way it's been nine years

Today me, Leigh, KaKa, Uncle Ervin, and Samantha all moved Kristen (my cousin) into the dorm for her freshman year at Faulkner. As we pulled onto campus I was flooded with emotions. What a very harsh realization that it was NINE years ago that my family pulled onto that very same campus to drop me off.
Nine years ago........nine years ago, when Momma had never had a stroke, Grandaddy was alive, all of my family still lived together, Adam was still alive, none of us had ever heard of ancephely, nor had been affected by down syndrome, and terrorism was one of the farthest things from any of our minds.
Nine years ago I was SO excited to meet new people, live on my own, start a new life.
Nine years ago I was SO scared to meet new people, live on my own, and start a new life.
Isn't life funny?
I told Leigh, "I need a do-over"
The more I thought about it, maybe I didn't. Maybe I don't.
Nine years ago........nine years ago, I had no idea how strong my family was, I didn't appreciate my grandparent the way I should have, I didn't know how wonderful living on my own could be and how much I appreciated the faith in myself, that my family gave me, I had never known a true American hero, I had no idea how strong my friend Melissa was, nor had I ever know the joy I know when I'm around Jessica (my cousin with down syndrome), and I had never seen the strength of the people of this great country.
Nine years ago if you had asked me what I would be doing in nine years, the only thing that I know for sure that I would have said is NOTHING that I am doing now. Again, isn't life funny?


Hicks Family said...

It is hard to believe we are that old. Over the past 9 years I have seen you go through a lot and I know you have learned alot. You are a great friend and although we both may experience "rough" times, we will make it through them.
I love ya girl, and am proud of who you are!

The Dawkins said...

Always remember you have to go through the hard stuff to get to the good!!

AbbyC said...

Wow! You are an amazing writer....not that I should be surprised with all that wonderful eduacation you got! Seriously, your writing is really funny.

tleaf10 said...

Amen to Amy! You are really funny. I know you were waiting on me to say "looking" at the end but nope. That's it. You're funny. And honest. and sweet. and caring.

Lindsey said...

What a great post!! Brought tears to my eyes and I don't even know the majority of the people you mentioned...I guess we all can relate though - 9 years ago is a LOONNNGG time ago for all of us! :)

The Holtons said...

Nine years ago you were just a kid--today you are a great young lady that I am very proud to call my niece! I love you-Gin-Gin

Leah said...

What an awesome post! Thanks for sharing! Glad I found you in the blogging world!