Sunday, February 10, 2008

I've been tagged by Meli (5 random things about me)

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In random order:

1. I have a lisp. It's not usually noticable until I or someone else points it out but, it's there and I am VERY self conscience about it. (so, let's not talk about it ;^)

2. I hate clothes. You know how children about the age of two always seem to be taking their clothes off? That's me. If you ever come to my house unexpectedly, it will take me a few minutes to get to the door because I ALWAYS have to put clothes on!

3. I LOVE music! I very often FEEL music! I am singing all of the time and music can totally alter my mood!

4. It is very emotionally tramatic for me to get my hair cut. That's why I don't do it very often. I know, I KNOW, it's ONLY will grow back...yada, yada, yada. I just can't think that way. I have NEVER liked getting my hair cut, even as a kid. I dread it from the time I make the appointment and am usually physically ill on the day of.

5. I am ALWAYS the first one to cry at things like movies, tv shows, songs, books, the news.... But usually the last to cry when something bad happens to me or someone in my life. I'm sure there is a psychologist out there who would LOVE to get a hold of me!!!

I tag Louise, GinGin, Terri, Abby and Amy, and Leah!


Louise said...

go to and sign up. It's free and then you just search songs and make a playlist. After you have made your playlist and got them in the order that you want, tell it that you want it to generate a code and then copy and paste that code into your dashboard. It's really know that, since I figured it out!! :) Call me sometime when you are doing it and I will walk you through it!! =)

The Dawkins said...

Glad to know that about the clothes things...we will call before we come!!!!!

The Holtons said...

Why do you do things like this to me? I guess I need to go to a paper journal-the old fashioned way-but where you don't get "tagged". Love ya-