Thursday, May 1, 2008

Catching Up

Since I am currently killing some time at GinGin's and she is the one who gives me the most grief about my lack of blogging skills I thought that I would try to update real quick. I don't know how many of you have ever seen the VH1 show "Best Week Ever" but that is the show that I would pick to describe my life last week. I worked Weds, Thurs, and Fri nights and at 7 o'clock Saturday morning I was rolling up I65! I picked up Daddy in Chattanooga and we were off to the Orange and White game in Knoxville! (I can't even imagine it but for any of you who might not know that is the game they have on the last Saturdays of spring practice at Ut. They have it in Neyland stadium and open it up so you can meet and greet with the players and coaches....all for free!) We got there about lunch time (we stopped anf got $5 footlongs....I could write a entire post on those alone! ;^) and went straight to the 'Vol Walk' which is where the players, coaches, and staff walk from the field house to the stadium, with litersally thousands of people in orange lining the street. Then we watched that game and then did a little shopping! We all got new '08 Lady Vols National Championship shirts! After we were through in Knoxville it was back down to Trenton where we met Mom, Louise, and Dirt for Dad's birthday meal at his favorite restaurant. We had some of the best steak and shrimp ever! Sunday we went to church with the parents and Louise and Dirt had to leave but it was a great weekend and Daddy even got a 32" plasma screen tv that he has been wanting! Monday I got up and got ready and as soon as dad was through on the radio (for those of you who don't know, he has a morning show that he does for the local station)he cam home and picked me up and we were off to Atlanta! Yay! This was actually dad's birthday so he got to pick the spot we ate at... (there was no question where he would pick...) Varsity's! For those of you who have never had the pleasure, it is the greatest hot dog place in the world, right off the interstate in Atlanta! Lisa met us there and we had such a good time. Then me and Dad did a little more shopping before heading over to Turner Field for the Braves game! We had the best seats ever! We were on the same level as the suites, it was covered, and the walkway was inside! There was a panini stand, a pasta bar, ect. but no stinking funnel cakes!! I had to seetle for boiled peanuts :^) It was a great game and the Braves dominated the Nationals! Then it was back to Trenton. Tuesday morning we got up and headed to just south of Nashville where my great great uncle and his family live. His son in law is my dentist and I use my teeth cleaning as an excuse every six months to work in some family time. We all went to this great chinese resaurant afterwards that I couldn't fully enjoy because half of my face was numb. It made for hysterical pictures though! Wednesday me, Mom, and Dad all played tourist in Chattanooga and went to Rock City, Ruby Falls, and the Incline Railroad! It was GREAT!
Whew! That was quite a synopsis but it should buy me a little time until I can get back home and tell you about this trip!


Leah said...

Sounds like you had a blast!