Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Politics, Religion, Football, and other politically incorrect social topics!

Politics.... I love Sarah Palin and I am learning to love John McCain. Here are my reasons why, and quite honestly, I don't care if you agree or not. As was pointed out in another blog (shout out to Audrey) it's my blog, my thoughts, and my memories. I am pretty sure that my blog is not set as the home page on your computer so, feel free to navigate away if it is too upsetting!

First, I am a fan of smaller government. It is fine if you like the government sticking it's nose into every aspect of your life and would trust them with your checkbook, I just do not and would not. That is why I choose to live here instead of China or some other communist country. I also do not believe that throwing money (especially MY hard earned money) at problems makes them better. Here, you may also have a different opinion and my opinion on your opinion is that you are wrong. Also, I love that we try to work problems out diplomatically but I love more that we have the world's GREATEST military to back up those pretty words and that we are not afraid to use it and the world knows it. I love that we are not a country of pansies and if you think I am wrong about this you might want to quit reading here and google some history lessons. I think experience is not the most important thing you can look for when choosing a president but I think that experience, a clam head, good history of making good decisions, and patriotism are some of the most important things! It's obvious who I am voting for and I am just praying that we are not really just a nation of stupid sheep who can make the most important decision for our country based on pretty words and well written speeches!

Second, religion....OK, I don't really have anything to add to this but I needed it for my title ;^) I think most of you know how I feel on this topic and I would be more than happy to debate or talk about anything relating to religion by e mail :^)

Third, football.....for the love. Let's just say that it was a TOUGH weekend. I did my first radio broadcast for Faulkner and loved it (even though I was in terrible pain thanks to a small "surgical procedure" that I had on the Friday before) and must have done ok because I'll be back on as the sideline reporter this Saturday for the big Huntington game under the lights! I am very excited and as a note concerning this game, if you are in town you should definitely come out and support these boys! AND wear black!! We are previewing our new black uniforms (VERY COOL, if you have ever seen Ga's or So Carolina's!!) and we want to "black out" the crowd, meaning everyone wear some form of black shirt, so spread the word! Back to this past Saturday, it was, er...tough. Well, let's just say that we knew going in that we were playing a much bigger, more experienced school that plays in a much tougher division and has lots more experience and scholarships. These are not excuses, just facts. Here is the last fact I am quoting from that game and then I am moving on, we lost 62-0. I know, girls from the "old days" at GCS, it brought back a lot of bad memories! Moving on, I am also trying my hand at fantasy football this year (you know, in all of my spare time...HA!) For those of you who don't get this it is basically where you take real players and their real stats and put together your own "fantasy" team and compete against others and their "fantasy" team. The way that you win is by your players doing well and earning you more points than the other teams in your league. You have to keep up with their stats and make sure that all of your players are playing (not hurt and their teams are not having a bye week) and put in the players who you expect to do the best that week. My quarterback for the first week was Tom Brady. For the love. He was the best (statistically) quarterback last year and seemed to be a good choice. He went down in the first stinking quarter with a season ending knee injury. Just my luck. With the shellacking (sp?) that Faulkner took and Tom Brady going down in my fantasy league I was just SO thankful that Tennessee had a bye week! I am still hurting from last weeks game from them!

Other politically incorrect topics..... something that was brought up on a friend of mine's blog is mothers that either stay home or working while raising children. Her point was that some mothers who have the choice and make the choice to stay home with their children should not make those who can't and/or don't make that choice feel like their children are any less loved. I am not going into her details but I am going to offer my opinion. My mom (through choice or the simple economics of how ridiculously expensive it is to put three kids in day care and all of my in town relatives worked full time) stayed at home with us but took many part time jobs. She worked at many retails stores part time and seasonally to make sure we had great Christmases and birthdays, could not only attend private school but participate in whatever extra curricular activities that we wanted, and sometimes just to make the stinkin ends meet and put food on the table! Her, not only working but saving money by being a good, sensible shopper enabled my dad to teach and coach and a Christian school and impact many other young lives besides the three of ours. The thing that her hard work gave us was much more than just great presents, parties, educations, and basic necessities, she gave us the knowledge that as mothers and women we can do whatever we want but that you DO do whatever you have to, to do the best for your family. I know that this is what she did and most of the mothers I know do. So, to all of you mothers, who work outside the home and otherwise, thank you. You all have made sacrifices in one way or another for your family and children in order to make this a better world for them and for all of us.

Last thing......


and what can I say, I'm a die hard, glutton for punishment, non bandwagon fan.....

GO VOLS!!!!!!


Louise said...

Good job :) I'm happy with this post...I didn't have anything to write about so I just posted a funny emil!! Oh well. :)

The Dawkins said...

Thanks Laurie!!!!! How bout just an anonymous shout out.

MJN6 said...

And now we know exactly how you feel!!! Love you, Mrs. Mary Jo

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

LOVE Palin as well and am also learning to love McCain...glad to hear you and I see "eye-to-eye"!!! :)