Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving thanks....

This post is written with tears in my eyes as often happens post holidays. I'm going to work my way backwards and before I close I am going to tell the things that I am thankful for.

Momma and Daddy just pulled off to return home. They have been here since Sunday night to celebrate our Thanksgiving on Tuesday night since I have to work Wednesday and Thursday nights. Louise and Dirt left after lunch today to go to Dirt's family's Thanksgiving in Corinth, Miss. Leigh left with Nathan to go celebrate with his family in north Georgia. Now you understand the teary eyes. It's tough for anyone (no matter how much they love time to themselves and calmness!) to go from having all of their loved ones around to being by yourself to go back to work :^( Enough of feeling sorry for myself and, goodness knows, I need the rest. I may be crazy going from my crazy schedule to 4 days of being totally alone and only one little job to keep me busy!

Last night we had the Walker Thanksgiving that included the 6 of us, Nathan (Leigh's boyfriend), Rayla and Tucker Black (friends who are more like family. Rayla teaches at Faulkner and is married to a life long friend of the family from Valdosta. She also is single handily responsible for feeding us and "real food" that we ever get. Tucker is her little boy.), Devin and Kesia Jessie (Kesia works with me and Devin is her child, that I share as my "part time child" and they, too have become like family), and April (this is Leigh's friend that she used to work with at the Biscuits) If you are keeping count, that's 12. And we could have EASILY fed twice that many! My mom, being the amazing mom she is, wanted to have plenty of leftovers for me while I was here by myself but cooked like I was going to be hosting a small army everyday they are all gone! SO MANY leftovers!

We, of course, had turkey, ham, dressing (stay tuned to the end for THE cutest idea for dressing!), mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, broccoli and cheese casserole, creamed corn, home made rolls, apple pie (the very first I have ever made and it was GREAT, if I do say so myself!), drop cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, Louise's world famous pound cake, turtle pie, and sugar cookies. Earlier that day mom had made a cheese ball with crackers, cheese dip, veggie tray with ranch dip, rotel, deviled eggs, chex mix, and various cookies to munch on all day pre meal. It was so good! The diet will definitely start soon...well, after Christmas...or New Years...definitely after the Super Bowl!

Monday I only worked a few hours at Faulkner and we spent the rest of the day shopping! I'm more of an on line shopper but it was fun going and helping Mom and Dad finish (that's right finish! can you imagine?!?) and spending time with the family. They got some great deals and I got some ideas but we were all exhausted by that night! Unfortunately, I think it was just a foreshadowing of Friday!

I think my favorite times while they were here were Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings. We got up and it was just the family (minus Louise and Dirt) and we had leisurely breakfasts and some much needed, laid back family time before all the craziness of the days started. I love my family and next only to God sending his Son to die for my sins, there is nothing this season, or any other day of any year that I am more thankful for.

Some other things that I am thankful for are my family's health. This is something that other's may take for granted but I never will again and haven't missed a day to thank God since July 2004. My friends. I think it's ridiculous that I was blessed with such a good family and then with friends who are just as good as family. My house. Goodness knows it's not perfect but I have plenty of space and it's almost perfect for me, not to mention I can make the payments every month. I dare say that is something that numerous families would love to be able to say the same things for where they live. My car. It's not paid for but it's SO much nicer than my old one and I am focusing on that! How did I ever live without heated seats?? My jobs. I work a lot and don't love the hours and some other things but how many people would give almost anything for a job that they didn't hate and paid all the bills? Being born an American. This is NOT a perfect country, it is not headed in the direction that I would like right now, and things do look a little dimmer than in the past but, there is NO WHERE else I would rather live. And as I sit here and watch the news about the terrorist attacks in India and remember that day in September in 2001, I am so grateful to be on American soil and an America. I am also grateful for all of those, like Adam, who gave their lives so I could enjoy this holiday with my family without having to worry about a bomb dropping on my house or gunmen barging through the door.

I hope that you all have as wonderful Thanksgiving as I had and remember to thank God for all of your blessings!

Oh yeah! Per Rachael Ray and Jamie Walker, put your dressing in a cupcake tin for little individual servings! It is SO cute and was quite a hit here this year! Thanks Rachael for the idea! Pictures posted soon!


The Holtons said...

Glad you had some good family time-sorry I missed it! Love ya!

Leigh said...

Love the blog and I am so thankful for you too... =) And look at it this get to actually get some good sleep...but I am sad I am not there to enjoy it with you like last year...but I love you so much and it was a blast this year!!!

The Dawkins said...

Glad you had a good time with your family. Hope you get lots of rest!! See you soon.

I cant find your mailing address, email it to me:)

Louise said...

Hope you have had a good day! I love you very much!!

Haley said...

HEY YOU! I am missing you around here!