Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's hear it for the boys!

Coach Knapp (Chuck)

Coach Jonson (Donald)

Coach Howell (Eric)

Coach Franklin (Chad)

Coach Clark (Cam)

Coach Briggs (Dean)

Coach Baker (Gregg)

Meet 'the boys' or 'the guys' (depending on why I am referring to them :^). In previous posts I have mentioned them from my office, sometimes from funny things they have done but, probably more often than it should be, because they are driving me crazy! This isn't all of them but this is all that have made the transition from last year and have been here since my first day.

Let me just say, I am not married, I do not have and haven't had for a good minute, even a boyfriend. I never even had brothers (even though I ALWAYS wanted an older one!). I even work with all girls at 911. Before last August there just wasn't a lot of testosterone in my life. Then came the first Monday of August when I walked into the football office at Faulkner. Let's just 6 hours in that office everyday took some getting used to. :^)

The guys are so stubborn, they are very often thoughtless, they only do what I tell/ask them half the time, and they know just how to push my buttons and LOVE to do it! In fact, I have to remind them quite often that I am a girl!! For the love.

Want to hear something crazy? I just love them. They make me smile everyday. Occasionally, they even come out of the wood works with a compliment. When they infuriate me, they know how to turn around and make me laugh (which makes me so mad when they don't let me pout or call me out on it!). No matter what mood I am in when I come in here, no matter how bad and long my night has been they always make me in a better mood.

I wouldn't want to compliment them too much (since it doesn't take too much for them to get get MIGHTY big heads!) but since they're not exactly "bloggers" I can give them their credit here. They are the brothers that I always wished for and I would defend them just as I would if you messed with Louise and Leigh. They are not perfect but I'm so glad that they came into me life or vice versa!


Louise said...

How nice....just PLEASE don't let them see this!!! :)
You, Leigh and them did a great job on the football dinner!! I was very impressed!!

The Holtons said...

I am glad to put a face with the guys! They better watch out for Gin Gin though if they mess with you too much ;)
Love ya-

Leigh said...

This is very nice...but they can never know you think this highly of them!! :) They will for sure get the REALLY BIG heads then! The football visit and room did look great...I mean granted after it was totally redone from what we had set up!! But we will let bygones be bygones! And I couldn't have done it without the help of Louise! :) Love you and you do an amazing job down there!! You are definitely under paid for everything you do!!

Three plus Me said...

Thanks for putting up w/ these guys! You do a great job! You'll have extra stars in your crown one day!