Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I know I am terrible about doing this on time but I can't go without celebrating my baby sister's 24th (I know! UNbelievable!) birthday! Without further ado, here are 24 things about one of my favorite people in the world!

1. When she was little she was always too short and skinny for her age but she NEVER has had a problem defending herself!

2. Boys have always loved Leigh! It's funny that she now works over Cornerstone when, it wasn't too long ago, that she was practically their little mascot.

3. She once got suspended from middle school because the teacher walked in and she had a little (punk!) boy up against the wall, completely off the ground, giving him the business. Her excuse to mom and dad? She had told him if he did it again that she would beat him up. He did it again. Well?

4. She has had more "best friends" than anyone else you know.

5. She is almost a perfect mixture of high maintenance/girly girl and tom boy.

6. She shares a birthday with will Ferrell.

7. She has inherited a love of Fox News from her big sister. Bill O'Reilley is her favorite.

8. She absolutely LOVES Disney and ABC Family movies.

9. She was the most accident prone kid.

10. Her first "accident" happened before she even turned one, when she broke her collarbone, trying to break out of her crib.

11. She works with the prison ministry at our home congregation and does an amazing job!

12. She loves Disney World like a little kid does.

13. She is definitely the bug killer at our house!

14. We have lived together in Montgomery for three years.

15. Her favorite color is green.

16. Just as always, she LOVES green dinosaurs!!

17. Her arrival was the reason that I was shipped off for my 5th birthday! (her birthday is just two days before mine)

18. She once put together an amazing scrapbook for my Mom's 50th birthday.

19. She always gives the best presents!

20. She could eat Mexican food every single day of her life.

21. She will not try "new foods"

22. you ALWAYS want her on your side!

23. Funfetti cake is her favorite.

24. She is one of my favorite people in the world and I feel so blessed to have her in my life!!



MJN6 said...

Happy Birthday, Leigh!!!

Dart-Dart said...

She could give herself a mean haircut!