Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Move(s), The Fireworks, and The Ring!

WHEW! What a weekend! As I mentioned in my last post we got a new house and me and Leigh decided to go ahead and move out of the apartment to save a little money. So, the plan was over this long weekend and also the first weekend we have stayed in town in over a month so we got to moving! Matt's parents have been AMAZING and have put in countless hours in June painting and cleaning and painting and mowing and painting and shopping and painting and did I mention PAINTING?!?!?! So all of the immediate needed living area of the new house was ready to be moved into! My parents drove also threw their hats in for parents of the year by driving down here Friday night just to help us move! Dad and Matt painted Friday night while Louise, Mom, and I went and packed up the apartment. I need to say something about Dirt and Louise here. I moved to Montgomery in 2006 from Lineville under not awesome circumstances and they came and packed me up there and moved me and Leigh into our old apartment. We were only there for a year before we moved into our house on Hill Hedge and they helped us move there. We lived there from September 2007-December 2010. Then they helped us move into the downtown apartment (which was UPSTAIRS) and I still wasn't allowed to lift anything over ten pounds so that was probably the worst move! Then, here we are less than a year later, and we called on them again to move us out of the UPSTAIRS apartment! I know I probably harp on this too much but I REALLY do believe I have the best family ever! They go far beyond "normal" familial duties!

So, now we are to Saturday morning. Now, look, I know how most of you feel about the kidney thing and I understand that but I am being dead serious when I say that if my options were doing a surgery like that again and spending my entire Saturday of a holiday weekend helping friends move heavy furniture an boxes out of an upstairs apartment in the blazing heat I promise I would pick the surgery! Moving is just SO AWFUL! I HATE IT! All that being said, Tiffany, Everette, and Belle Johnson all gave up their holiday weekend ALL DAY on Saturday to do just that! There are no words because we wouldn't be anywhere NEAR as close to being done as we are without them! Friends like that are indeed PRICELESS!

ALL DAY Saturday we moved most of our stuff out of the apartment then went to Matt's house in Dalraida and got all of his furniture and big stuff and then took all of mine and his stuff to our new house. Although I won't be officially moving in for a few months we went ahead and took everything except my daily essentials and a box spring and mattress over there so when I do move in there won't be hardly anything to move! We did the same with Leigh's stuff. We took most everything to their new house and just her living essentials over to Matt's house in Dalraida where we'll be staying. We got so much done but I think I speak for the entire group when I say we were thoroughly exhausted!

Sunday in between services we moved more stuff from the house in Dalraida to the new place. Monday we were up and at it again early and I met Leigh and Jessica, who ALSO threw her hat in the ring for friend of the year, at the apartment and we got the last of the stuff and gave the place a good scrubbing. It's an awesome apartment but I am super glad not to be there. Monday Tom, Matt's dad and Matt worked like dog's getting stuff out of storage and two more truckloads of stuff while me, his mom Rose, and Ellie :) all started unpacking at the new house and trying to get things in order there.

When I first moved to Montgomery I was able to buy some pieces of the most beautiful bedroom suite. I only had enough money to purchase some but always planned on finishing it out later. I had even told my family for the past few birthdays and Christmases that I really wanted the nightstand from the set. Well, the first time that Matt came over to the apartment we were sitting in the living room/Leigh's room watching tv and Matt looked in my room and said, "I think we have the same bedroom suite" I should have known then what good taste he has! :) Turns out we had the exact same set from the exact same furniture store! Together we have more than an entire set MINUS ONE nightstand! SO, I had been telling Matt that for my upcoming birthday that I really wanted that nightstand. Then we got the master bedroom put together and it NEEDED that nightstand! It just couldn't wait! ;) Matt called me from the furniture store and said that the nightstand had been discontinued! BOO! He assured me that it would all work out and even though I didn't have time to dwell on it I was really disappointed about that stupid nightstand!

Later that afternoon while Matt and his dad were out getting stuff from storage and the old house and picking up our new grill Louise and dirt came over to pick up Ellie who had been helping me unpack the kitchen while here mom and dad did a little shopping. Louise was real insist ant that I come back to one of the guest rooms to decide about furniture placement. It was weird because the room isn't even painted yet but I'm still enjoying the process so anytime someone wants to talk about it I'm all in :) Then Matt's mom came and got us and said that I needed to go to the master to look at something. When I walked in there was the beautiful nightstand! With some awesome luck Matt and Tom had been able to find just the ONE nightstand that had been moved to the furniture stores clearance center since it was discontinued! YAY! Now our master bedroom set is complete and it looks awesome! As soon as I get everything cleaned up I will post some before and after house pictures!

Matt had planned for us to ride on the riverboat to watch the fireworks that night so we had to bust it and get ready and eat some bbq with his parents and run by and see everybody at Leigh's before we loaded at 8:30. by the time we got on the boat we were POOPED! We just sat inside and talked. Even though we are together almost all of the time we hardly ever get to do anything just the two of us. We had so much fun just sitting there talking! Before we knew it almost two hours had past and it was time for the fireworks! If you know much about me you know that I LOVE fireworks! The 4th is my favorite non big two holiday! I just LOVE IT!

So, we went out to the deck with everyone else to watch the fireworks over the skyline. It was so perfect! Matt was standing behind me and about half way through he asked me if I was happy. I, of course, answered, "Well, yeah!" and he replied with, "You know what would make me happy?" and I felt him moving! I turned around and he was on one knee with the ring and said, "If you'll marry me!" I said (again), "Well, yeah! Get up! Are you getting your pants wet?!" (It had been raining so it was so wet on the deck!) Turns out the couple right beside us had the same idea and got engaged at the same time! It was just one of those rare completely perfect moments in life.

I know life won't always be as wonderful as it is right at this moment but I am enjoying every second of it while it is! He is, without a doubt, the man that I remember my parents praying for as a little girl. My life is such proof that God's timing is undeniably best!