Tuesday, May 19, 2009

100th post, 100 things

So, according to "blog etiquette" (a.k.a. Louise), your hundredth blog should be one hundred things about yourself...so, here you go 100 VERY random things about me...(don't worry, I don't really think anyone will finish all 100...except Momma...I didn't even write them all at once!)

1. I had some things that happened that I wanted to blog about but didn't, just to put off this 100th blog.
2. I always return the buggy to it's rightful place in the parking lot.
3. I am super awkward and seem to live with a foot in my mouth.
4. When watching live tv, my tv is only on Fox News and ESPN 2 (Mike and Mike in the morning)
5. I think the dvr is the most amazing machine ever invented. It has changed my life.
6. There is a 5 year old living in the north of the Philippines that is the son of my heart. As corny as it sounds, it's so true and I miss him so much.
7. The boys at the office call me "Mother Hen"....if it's not obvious, they think I mother everyone too much.
8. I am by no means a animal lover.
9. I'd take the beach over the mountains any day.
10. I hate cold weather.
11. I love the rain!
12. I love sweaters. Not cute dress sweaters or pretty cardigans, old, comfortable "grandfather sweaters"
13. When I read a good story in SI of watch something on ESPN about a player or team, I am immediately a fan of theirs.
14. If I were a pair of shoes I would be a pair of Sperry bluefish. They are everything I perceive myself to be...classic, comfortable, dependable, and tough.
15. I HATE to hear people clip their nails! I believe that it's like pooping, it should only be done in a bathroom, with the door shut!
16. I have visited Greece once and I definitely want to go back, maybe even to live.
17. I love to eat. Maybe better said, I love food. Love is the correct word there.
18. My mom was born to full time Philippine missionaries and now much of my family, including myself, are actively involved in the work over there. I would love to do some full time work over there.
19. I have been a 911 dispatcher for over 6 years now and all but 6 months of that have been on night shift.
20. I love both of my parents equally and think that they are both the best at their respective jobs but, except when I was sick or heartbroken, I was always a Daddy's girl.
21. I wear a size 11 shoe. I know!
22. I have this weird sweet/salty thing when I eat. I have to eat them equally. If I have some popcorn, I have to follow it up with something sweet like some chocolate and vise versa.
23. I have this ability to make people feel really stupid and uncomfortable, without even saying anything. My sisters and the guys call it, "Laurie's look" The worst thing about it, I don't know when I'm giving it!!!
24. To go along with number 23, I have NEVER been able to hide my emotions. ANYthing I feel shows up IMMEDIATELY on my face! I hate that.
25. I am very, very patriotic.
26. Even though I can be a hot head, I very rarely stay mad very long.

27. I can go an amazing length of time on no sleep.
28. I LOVE the Atlanta Braves!

29. I really just LOVE baseball!

30. I have a very loud voice and the more excited I get, the louder it gets.

31. My favorite foods are asparagus, chocolate, chicken casserole, fried cheesecake, sourdough bread, peanut butter cookies, broccoli and cheese soup....I could really go on and on.

32. A good pun OWNS me, every time!

33. One of my dirty little secrets is that I love reality tv. Not the ones where the actually do something, the ones where they just follow people around. I know.
34. I detest dress shoes.
35. I love Sperry's and flip flops, but I prefer to be bare foot.
36. I am a die hard University of Tennessee Vols/ Lady Vols fan!!
37. I love milkshakes even though I could live without ice cream.

38. My two vices are food and the sun/tanning bed. It is very, very hard for me to say no to either one.
39. My favorite color is blue.
40. I can't have caffeine or tomato products due to stomach problems but, sometimes bite the bullet when it comes to chocolate and Italian food.
41. I am addicted to Lipton's Green Tea...Mixed Berry.
42. I store up beauty products (i.e. face creams, wrinkle lotions, face wash, ect.) like a grasshopper preparing for the winter.
43. Mr G's is my favorite restaurant. It's worth a trip to Montgomery.
44. March is usually my favorite month.
45. When I was a kid, the doctors all thought I would be really tall because my hands and feet were so big. I'm 5' 7 1/2" and don't see a growth spurt in the near future.
46. If I ever have kids, I definitely want all boys.
47. Italian is my favorite food with Greek coming up a close second.
48. I hate to run and think it's crazy people doing it for "fun"
49. I do not believe that a salad constitutes a "meal" unless it has meat in it and then only for lunch.
50. No one has ever accused me of being a chef or a baker.
51. I am quite possibly the least crafty person you know.
52. I hardly ever wear make up.
53. I have two sisters, Louise and Leigh and one brother in law, Dustin "Dirt", and we are about as close as siblings can be.
54. I have the utmost respect for firefighters, policemen, military, and heath care workers (and 911 dispatchers...obviously!)
55. I LOVE seafood!!!
56. My favorite part of a man's body is bone structure, particularly, his jaw...how weird is that?
57. I sing in my car with the same intensity that Beyonce sings at a concert. Usually with the windows down. Let's just say that I provide a good amount of entertainment for those lucky/unlucky enough to be sitting beside me at a red light.
58. I will wear a phrase into the ground..."For the love" "Touche"

59. If I could start over I would be a women's basketball coach.

60. I cannot sleep in socks or in pajamas or with someone else in the bed. I used to be able to sleep anytime , anywhere, in any conditions. I'm definitely getting fussier in my older age.
61. For that matter, I cannot sleep under a top sheet or on printed sheets. Look, I know.
62. I rarely use my a/c in my car because I didn't have it for over three years, plus I just love riding with the windows down!
63. I think heated seats are the second best invention ever.
64. I have a horrible short term memory!
65. I usually wear my hair up because I don't like the feeling of hair on my neck.
66. Although I really like grapes and cherries, I don't like things cherry or grape flavored.
67. I'm not totally sold on the idea of getting married but if I ever do the only things that I know for sure are that I want him to be a faithful Christian and I want him to make me laugh all the time.
68. I live with my sister Leigh and my cousin Kristen. I loved the time when it was just me and Leigh in the apartment but now am loving Kristen being here, just as much!
69. I dated a guy that was 19 years older than me for three years.
70. I am deathly afraid of roaches and preying mantis's.
71. I have had seven colonoscopy's. Fun stuff, huh?
72. Andrew Copeland of Sister Hazel is my cousin.
73. I really hate shopping.
74. I gained something close to 80 lbs the first semester I was in college.
75. I have never lived in a house where we had a scale.
76. Even though I have really, really thick hair, it amazes me how much hair I lose every single time I wash my hair.
77. I hate and always have hated brushing my hair. I have a very, very tender head.
78. I definitely have always had a boys name picked out, just in case I ever have one.
79. When I was little I honestly believed that cats waited until we left and went to their own church service in their own little secret cat church building. I can even remember what the cat church building looked like in my imagination.
80. I also believed that when I dug out in our yard and hit the roots that I had to stop digging because I was at the top of hell. I mean, I would be really scared. I have no idea where I came up with this stuff.
81. I had to wear braces on my legs when I was little to make me walk straight.
82. I have scoliosis.
83. I'm pretty much a homebody.
84. You have never met a less coordinated, more awkward person then me and I'm ok with it.
85. I am absolutely terrified of the birthday after this year. For that matter, I'm not really stoked about this one coming up either.
86. I also am terrified of wrinkles. They are so horrible.
87. I do not like spicy food.
88. I hate drama.
89. I love fresh flowers!
90. I have a freckle in my right eye.
91. My eyes change colors with what I wear.
92. I get really attached to characters in tv shows/ movies/ books.
93. I take my family really seriously.
94. People (Leigh) say that I am cynical but the truth is that I am just a die hard realist and have uncommon sense.
95. I love the water. I love going to the lake, the beach, the pool, really anywhere there is water. I love to swim, ride jet skis, ski, lay out, really anything that you do at/in the water.
96. I really wish that I knew how to play the piano and I plan on learning one day.
97. I am really attracted to a guy that can play the piano or the guitar.
98. I dig the cookie dough out of cookie dough ice cream and then throw it away when all the cookie dough is gone.
99. I hate the way lotion feels on my skin. Yuck.
100. I am very loyal. I have a lot of less than desirable qualities about me but even though some off my people would probably say I take it too far, no one can ever accuse me of not being loyal.


The Holtons said...

I made it!!! YOU, emotional??really! Glad Kristen is in your fam now! Cut your hair if you don't like it on your neck!

101. You have family and friend who think you are the GREATEST!!!!!
Love you!

Can't you be sick Friday and come on with the girls?

The Dawkins said...

what is up with #79........

Hicks Family said...

58 - "Touche"
61 - you ARE weird
100 - you are a very loyal friend and that is why i love ya so much
oh, and I was just wondering if you could clarify...do you like food?

Leigh said...


#23- I absolutely HATE that look! I know I deserve it sometimes but its not fun to be on the receiving end of it!

#29-I LOVE BASEBALL TOO!! Glad we can go and watch baseball games whenever we want....FOR FREE!!

#42-Yes yes you do!

#51- Maybe but you might be one of the most thoughtful people too!

#53-sometimes too close! JK

#58- "For the Love....For the Love" said in little philipino childrens voices!

#63- Me too!!!

#68- Fun times in that apartment...loved it!

#70-Oh the call about that praying mantis on your front door...almost as good as the roach story in the apartment!!

#79- HOW IN THE WORLD DID I NOT KNOW THIS ABOUT YOU?@?@? And you made fun of me and my "other life!!"

#82- Me too!

#94- You are and thats why I love you! I can always et the bare naked truth!

#100- You are the most loyal person I have...thank you for that!!

GREAT POST!! Glad it posted! I love you!!

Jamie G. Walker said...

I'm thinking I could add some that many would find very interestig! LU