Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day!

Me and Leigh with the Stewart boys! Maybe Braden should move closer!

Me and Leigh with the Cameron Stewart family!

Hayden, me, Julia, and Leigh!

me, Leigh, and Hayden with the BRAND NEW Gavin Stewart family!

Me and my new favorite Stewart boy!!!!!

That's a funfetti cake and a Little Debbie "cake"!

Me and Lily were having a moment......

...and so were Leigh and Barrett!

After the showers, the show got under way!

That's the bride sitting in her carriage, VERY patiently waiting out the rain!

Sunday night my supervisor asked me if I wanted to work Monday night. NO! It's Memorial Day and I have plans!!

Monday morning I came home and got ready and about 11 me and Leigh headed north on i65 towards Nashville! We got to Murfreesboro about an hour and a half before the wedding and decided we didn't like what we were wearing so we stopped by Target and picked out new dresses. So we checked out two dresses, one new nail polish, one new pair of shoes, and a bottle of Downy Wrinkle Release. We changed in the bathroom and off we went.
The wedding was on the front lawn of a old mansion there in town and as the singers started I whispered to Leigh that they really couldn't have asked for better weather. That, as they say, was the kiss of death. Next, as Barrett and Lily were wheeled down the aisle by the other flower girls, out of nowhere, there was a big clap of thunder. We smiled as the cantankerous old ladies behind us opened up a umbrella, whispering (well, I think THEY thought they were whispering) to each other how they didn't care if the people sitting behind them could see or not. They had just gotten their hair done and their blouses would shrink! Well, as the groomsmen came down the drive and jumped out of the old pickup truck they had rode up in and the bridesmaids all filed out of the limo they came up in and met to walk down the aisle the first raindrops started falling pretty hard. Then came the horse and open top carriage down the drive riding down the drive with the beautiful bride. And then came the rain. I mean the literal bottom dropped out of the sky!
The bride borrows an umbrella and just sits there and smiles. How great is that? A few minutes later the rain stops and we all migrate back towards the lawn to watch Gary and Kimberly get married! Everyone was drenched and make up all ruined but it was a GREAT wedding! And the reception was even better! It was so good to catch up with old friends and get some good quality time with Lily and Barrett.
Me and Leigh left the reception and Kimberly and Gary and went to Baskin Robins where we met up with Cameron and Stacy and I finally got to meet Hayden. Cameron was long considered my "favorite cousin" (which is weird since we are actually 5th cousins or something like that....his grandmother and my great grandmother were sisters), not because I liked him better than any of my other cousins, we just always clicked. If I thought about it hard enough I could probably count how many times we've actually seen each other since he grew up in Texas while I grew up in south Georgia, then he went to college in Arkansas and I went in Alabama. Now he has ended up only five hours north of me in Nashville. Things were always just easy between us. It didn't matter how long it had been since we had last seen each other there just never was any awkward (which is obviously quite out of the norm for me!) Now I love his wife Stacy and now I finally met his son Hayden! I already love him! We also got to meet our newest cousin, Deidre, who just married Gavin! We already love her too! We also got to see another cousin, Jeannie. It was SO fun and we got to eat Baskin Robins (little did I know how much we should be enjoying that meal!), it was just a GREAT NIGHT! I really wish we could have spent more time with them but it made us look forward, even more to the family reunion next month.
Me and Leigh got back home about 1:30 Monday morning. The story picks up pretty soon after that but this is the end of the happy chapter so you'll have to wait for the next post to find out what went down next! However, the entire Memorial Day was wonderful and SO much fun! It was good to get to see friends and family that I hadn't seen in a while, meet new family members, and get to spend some much overdo one on one time with Leigh.


Leigh said...

Monday definitely was the calm before the storm!! Thank you for being such a great nurse today, ILY

Jamie G. Walker said...

Glad you two had some fun on the holiday! Sorry it went downhill from there! ILY