Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Blessed Day!

Remember when you were a kid and got something REALLY great for your birthday and your mom would tell you not to go tell all of your friends because you would be bragging? Well, even back then and still now, I just can't NOT tell, when something great happens me! Not bragging, just want to share!

On these trips and at home I have been a part of many personal Bible studies. However, never have I been the one leading the Bible study and the one we are studying with make the decision to to become a Christian and be baptized while I was there. Maybe that says something negative about me but I am not dwelling that now.

This morning we were picked up and got there earlier because Daddy and one of the faculty members, Daniel, had a baptism set up at 7:30a.m. They took NaNa, J.R., John Mark, and the only four of the kids who were there that early. I wanted to go SO badly and was kind of upset that I had gotten carsick on the way there and just couldn't. After they left PaPa and another faculty member left for a Bible study. That left only me, Beverly, and Julia. All of you who know me know that I was sitting there kind of pouting that I didn't get to go with Magiboo and the other kids to the baptism at the beach. When am I going to learn that I'm following God's plan, not mine???

Beverly walked in and asked if I would go on a Bible study with them. I asked if we would be walking or driving and they said we would be walking, that it was "close" I knew that the Filipino definition of "close" is much different than the American definition but that was good because I still was to sick at my stomach to get in the van. As we walked down the road she gave em the prospects background. They would be two 14 year old girls who attend worship every Sunday but had yet to decide to become a Christian. They said that they have had many Bible studies and NaNa and Daniel had even been there the day before. So, we get there and they have a conversation in Tagalog and I'm just sitting there with my "I have NO idea what you are saying so I am just going to sit here and nod" smile when Beverly turns to me and says, "OK, they are ready." "Ready for what?", I ask? "The Bible study. You can begin now." she replies. WHAT?? "OK, will you say a prayer to get us started?" (interpretation: I need divine intervention AND a few minutes to stall!)

Long story, short, I went over the steps of salvation and finally asked what was keeping them from being baptized. Beverly translated what I said, the girls had a little conversation with each other, and then they answered Beverly in Tagolog. Beverly looked at me and smile. I said, "What is it?" She answered, "They said nothing hinders them!" God must really laugh at my lack of faith!! It was a AMAZING experience and they were later baptized at the river! Between those two girls and the ones that Daddy and the others baptized, we now have 11 new brothers and sisters in Christ here!! How lucky am I to be a part of this???

Besides for that I had FOUR HOURS worth of Bible class with the campus kids today and got to spend some quality time with Magiboo and his sister Sandra! This video is just a little something I put together so you all could meet my little Magiboo. You'll have to scroll down and mute my music, I have not been able to get on the website to take it off. The other boy in the video is Jomar, who's mother and father work at the campus. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed videoing it!

Please continue to keep us and the work in your prayers!


Hicks Family said...

Laurie, I can just see your excitement! I know that you are having a wonderful time bringing souls to Christ. I love ya and will keep you in my prayers.