Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 1- Manila

We're here! In the Philippines to be exact. We arrived last night and it was pretty clear immediately why I love this place. It's the people. Since I haven't gotten to see "the people" yet I realize that I'm in a third world country. WAY more people per square inch than Americans can even imagine- Check
People who have NO concept of "personal space"- check, check
lack of hot water- check, check, check
I could go on.....
One thing that doesn't change America or Philippines is how ANNOYING my dad is in the morning! Those of you who didn't grow up in my house CAN'T understand! It's not that he's just a morning person. My NaNa is a morning person and she gets up and enjoys her quiet time before everyone else gets up. My dad, NOT SO MUCH! He LOVES to get up in the mornings but wants EVERYONE else to be up with him!! The man woke up THREE HOURS before our alarm went off. Yeah, we're going to have to set down some ground rules before tomorrow morning!
Today we will make the six hour van ride to the PTC (Philippine Theological College) campus where I will FINALLY get to see everyone! YAY! Believe me, for all of my complaining, I absolutely CAN'T wait to see all the students, the faculty,and the kids that live in the neighborhood!!! Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Hopefully, I'll be able to update tonight!


Leigh said...

So glad yall made it there...sorry I didnt get to talk to you before you left for manila but I tried... =) Love you and miss you!