Thursday, March 26, 2009

What day is this??

They LOVE basketball here. Please notice though
their playing shoes. Flip flops. That's all I have
seen them play in!

J.R., Daddy, and Brother Roger taking the confession
of the first baptism of the trip. Not a bad looking
"baptistery", huh?
These are the homes of the women that were
baptised. I honestly have seen bigger tree houses.

Sorry I didn't turn it. This was my "classroom"

I think that there is a time in most every ones life that changes who they are fundamentally. Not necessarily for better or for worse, just changes you. It's not always even one of the biggest moments of your life, it's just the one that changes you. I'm sure that you are probably thinking that I am about to write about how this is that moment for me. Not so much, unfortunately. Like most of us, my life changing moment wasn't a great moment in my life.

The thing about this moment is I haven't really felt like "myself" since then (what ever that undefinable "myself" actually is) It's not that I think about it. I usually don't even realize how far from "myself" I am. Today the thought just crept up on me, "I finally feel like myself again." It even surprised me. I would love to say that it's a spiritual thing but I'm not sure it really is. I can't really put my finger on what it is whether it's not having to worry about going to work, or not having to worry about money stuff, not even having to worry about little tifts and arguments with family and friends, ect. Although I do feel like a lot of these things weigh me down at home so maybe it's a combination of all these things. I've probably rambled but I just wanted to record that thought that I had today. Maybe I'll figure out a way to be "myself" more at home.

Today we started out going out to the campus and participated in their chapel. Then I had my first class with "my kids" from around that area. These are the ones that I met last time I was her and the ones that I would love to take back home with me. After class I sent them home and went in for our mid morning snack. We just visited around until lunch (some of the teachers and students were gone with NaNa and PaPa on a Bible study) and then after lunch we had our second Bible study. Today they learned about Adam and Eve and most of them could quote Genesis 1:1 when we were through. It was a great day. Before I left I sat down with all of the kids and showed them my photo album. By the time we were through I could point to everyone in my "familia" and they would scream out the correct corresponding name. More on this at the end of the blog.....

Next we went with Brother Roger and one of the new students, J.R. to conduct a Bible study that was already lined up. Hopefully, when I post this there will be a picture near this part of the blog of the exact spot of my "class". Picture this grassy ally way covered in trash and goat poo. Why is it covered in goat poo, you ask. Because right along with me and the kids are six goats! One literally wrapped its rope around me during "Father Abraham" and I landed on the ground IN the goat poo! On top of the less than perfect teaching conditions, the kids didn't speak ANY English, understood what can't even be considered as "little", and they knew only two songs and one of them was in Tagalo! Did I mention that it was 798 degrees out there with 800% humidity?? Regardless, it was still an AMAZING experience. We baptized two and the kids knew FOUR songs, Genesis 1:1, and all kinds of facts about Noah by the time we left.

Now for my crowning moment. L and L, this may not be how it is in the states but there is no question how it is in the Philippines! The only background you need to know watching this video is that "maganda"" translates to "beautiful" and that they had no prior knowledge of the questioning! Make sure your volume is up :^)


The Holtons said...

Turn the music down so we can hear the kids!!!! You are beautiful!! Love you-

Leigh said...

HAHAHA!!! I absolutely love it!!! You need to make sure that you put a side note to pause your blog music to hear everything!! And I love it!! So glad that I remembered that album for you!! Love you so much and miss you!!! You are amazing!!

Louise said...

That's TOO cute!!! I love them looking at the pictures!!! Love you!!