Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 1, Day 2, What day is it???

Good grief. I just asked Daddy what time it was here and he said, "6:25" I replied with, "morning or night?" Boy is my body confused and it's tough to confuse a night shift body! The good news is, WE HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED!!!!

We drove up to the campus today and the kids were literally chanting my name! They (about 30 of the kids from around the neighborhood where the campus is) hung all over me (again with the no concept of personal space) and told me over and over how excited they were for me to be there and how they had been waiting on me! Before I could even go inside and see the new building and visit with the faculty and students they had to sing me two of the "English" songs I taught them last time. One of my favorite little girls has a boil on her face and my heart just breaks looking at her. The faculty at PTC said they are doing all they can to get her some medicine.

The building and whole campus looks GREAT! I can't believe that it is the same place! I will try to post pictures tomorrow of the campus the last time that I was here and what they look like now. The work is really growing at a phenomenal pace here!

If you read my blog last year you may remember the rooster! I am about to take a sleeping pill and put my earplugs in to avoid the rooster and Daddy's snoring :^) Hope all of you are having a great week! Please continue to remember us in your prayers!


Leigh said...

I guess he forgot to pack his breathe right strips! =) Glad ya'll are there finally!! I woke up at 4 when you sent that emailo about that kid and turned over and called you but you were in the shower,...but I did get to talk to Nana and Papa and Daddy! =) Love you!! Talk to you in a little bit!

The Holtons said...

Sorry you are having to put up with your Dad but that's the price you pay for being able to visit those resorts!! Good to talk to you, sleep ya!