Monday, March 23, 2009

It's a good thing....

...that I don't believe in "signs"! First of all I stayed up WAY too late last night (Especially considering that I worked Saturday night, went to services and class and traveled up to Chattanooga on Sunday!) to watch Tennessee LOSE in THE FIRST STINKIN ROUND to BALL STATE!!!! Are you kidding me? REALLY? For those of you who don't understand the severity of this....Since the inception of the tournament as it is, NO Lady Vols team has EVER won by any less than 23 points in the first round! No team has ever NOT made the Sweet 16! Great.....glad I stayed up for that.

Skip ahead a few hours and on the way to the airport the man who drove us starts making conversation ABOUT A PLANE THAT CRASHED overnight!! Really? I mean WE ARE ON OUR WAY TO THE AIRPORT!!! For the love. Then we go to get on our little "toy plane" a.k.a. "commuter flight" from Chattanooga to Chicago and we are on the very last two seats. You know, the ones right beside the lavatory door and the only ones on the plane that don't recline any. Great.

Now we are in the Chicago airport waiting in our terminal and up walks my biggest fear.... two screaming children under the age of 4! No offense to any of you with small, screaming children, but I would rather poke my own eyeballs out than ride on a 14 hour plane ride with them!!! I'll keep you updated!

Last but not last, please keep us in your prayers! We leave here in a few hours for Tokyo, then Manila, then a 6 hour van ride to Dagupan, where we stay! Thanks so much and check back, I hope to be updating almost daily, IF I can find internet over there. If big blog like last time :^(

Hope you have a GREAT week!


Hicks Family said...

sorry I didn't call before you left...I am a rotten friend! I hope you have a safe trip and don't kill any kids onthe flight! Love you, be safe.

The Holtons said...

Be careful-love ya, Gin

The Dawkins said...

Be careful, love you!!