Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My luck is changing?

Well, this blog is being written from Tokyo, Japan. We had a VERY bumby but otherwise uneventful trip over. Here's the best part....we were again on the very back seat, which isn't a bad thing on the big jets, right by the standing room and close to the restrooms. Evidently there were kids on the plane but I never heard them (I know though because they made an announcement about one throwing up in the aisle). There were lots of good movies but I only watched "Marley and Me" (side note.....I'm REALLY not sure that falls into the "COMEDY" category!) before I took my Ambien CR! I wish that Dr Lucy read this so I could give her a VERY big shout out right here! That stuff is better than gold on a plane trip!

We have a four hour layover here and then we'll board for our 5 hour flight to Manila. The flights are packed since most of them were canceled due to the plane crash yesterday at this airport. I am really starting to get excited about being there, I have SO missed my friends and the people over there! I hope you are all doing well and I hope that we have internet so I'll be able to keep in touch! Please continue to keep us in your prayers!


Hicks Family said...

glad you didn't have to choke any children!

Rebecca said...

Brent and I were at the Tokyo airport one day before you. I would have probably fainted if I had seen someone I knew. How crazy is that!