Friday, March 27, 2009

The HOTTEST far!

Well, I had been so happy because I had slept SO well from the time that I left. I mean I had slept well on the plane, in Manila, and here, EVEN with the stupid rooster and Daddy's snoring! So last night we get in and I am so tired, or at least I thought I was. I didn't sleep a wink last night!! I was SO aggervated that sometime in the middle of the night I seriously thought about throwing something in the sirection of Dad's bed to make him quit snoring!!! With a clearer head in the morning I was glad that Dad finally got some sleep, even if I did have to sacrifice mine.

When we got to the campus this morning we had the daily chapel with the students and faculty and then I had my first class with "My kids" from around the campus compound. Don't get me wrong, it's imposible NOT to fall in love with the kids from every compound you go to. They could melt even the hardest of hearts with their purity, their love, and the poverty in which they live. However, I DO love these kids from the camups compound the most. I just know them. And I know I'm not supposed to, but I have a favorite :^) Magiboo is his name. He's five and I don't know what it is about him but I think it's going to get harder to NOT stick him in my suitcase every time I leave! I will defininetly post a picture of him and will try to get video before I leave. You'll just see how cute he is, he can't speak a lick of English and I'm doubting many of you speak Tagalog!

Our lesson at class today was Noah and our memory verse was John 3:16. The kids wasnted to learn it in English. So now they know Gen 1:1 in Tagalog and John 3:16 in English. After class it was lunch time and the power went out and it was SO HOT! I know most of you who read this live in the South but I promise this makes August feel like a "dry heat" in south Georgia! Geez, I felt like I was literally melting! After lunch it was just too hot to have class outside so I brought all the kids in the building. We did our Bible class, sang 1,000,000 songs as always and then me and the boys played some games with them. It was SO fun. I think I lost about 10 pounds in water but I made it up tonight :^)

Then we went to another compound and had class. It was a little distracting because it was "bath time" In the middle of the copmound is a little area where the pump is and they all use it to bathe. The adults bathe in shorts and a shirt but the kids just strip down without thinking about ti! One little girl stripped all the way down and then got distracted by our singing and just ran over and joined in, naked as the day she was born! After an hour of the childrens class (and the adults being COMPLETELY enamored with my "perfect" nose ) we walked through that entire compound and invited people to our Friend Day at the Campus Church of Christ on Sunday. Then we went through half of our compound (there are appx 3,000 people in the compound where the campus is).

When we got back to the campus we met up with Daddy and his evangalism team, PaPa and his team, and NaNa and her team who had been to the other half of our compound, inviting people to Friend Day. Brother Roger then drove me, Daddy, NaNa, PaPa, Arnel, Kevin, J.R., Rodel, and John Mark to Dagupan. We stopped at the mall before dropping us off at the hotel. I ate at McDonalds where I had my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing, a Coke float! SO GOOD! WHY has no one in America thought to add Coke, ice cream, ice, chocolate syrum, and whip cream?? It's like crack cocaine! PaPa and Daddy bought us all one. I CAN'T figure out why the Americans aren't embracing this idea AND the idea of Chow King, fast food Chinese...BRILLIANT!

Finally we are back at the hotel and I am gross and exhausted! The game plan from here is shower and fall asleep before Dad!! Please keep us in your prayers!


Chad said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. I truly believe all of you will have a special reward in heaven for the work you are doing over there.

Leigh said...

Sounds like it was a productive day! Havent talked to you today...I am babysitting Hailey and Nathan since Louise is out of town this weekend....interesting to say the least!! I love you and miss you and hope you have had a good nights rest!