Thursday, April 2, 2009

The day with my kids!

I said, "Smile, like 'You're Happy and You Know It', big smile!" He delivered :^D

Today we went straight to the campus for chapel. It was Fernando's day to speak and he did a great job! He is so meek in real life and he becomes a different man behind the pulpit! After that everyone spilt up to go do evangelizing in different compounds but I stayed behind with "my kids" All the boys went evangelizing but we know each other well enough that we can communicate even though we don't speak the same language.

We learned some more books of the Bible, reviewed over our lessons and memory verses, colored, and, of course, sang our hearts out. Since I had so much time we were able to sing each song as many times as they liked :^) We did that for about three very long, hot, fun hours until it was time for our lunch. After lunch I went back out for an hour or so but Daddy played ball with them and we just sat around "talking", mainly about me, my family, America, and my features (my eyes and nose, the "meat" on my legs, my hair, ect). It was just so fun spending time with them. By then I was exhausted and went inside and slept for about 40 minutes before it was time to practice with our "choral group" performing during graduation tomorrow.

After practice, the Americans called it a day and headed back to the hotel. The four of us had a really nice supper in the hotel restaurant, Cafe Feliz. It was just a really nice time. I am SO blessed to be able to come here. Not just for getting to meet the people and witness all that I do but for getting to spend the quality time with Daddy, NaNa, and PaPa.

The picture I am posting today is of Dan Dan. I LOVE him! He has the quickest smile of any human being I have ever seen! SO CUTE! I have decided that he has to come home with me too. Two might be to much for me but, luckily, Rayla has said she wants me to bring her one too. If there was any way, Tucker would have a new big brother next week! I am already starting to really dread leaving! Also, the video is of us singing the PTC alma mater, which one of the teachers, Ruben wrote. The other is of Daddy playing ball with Magiboo, Jomar, DanDan, and maybe one or two others. They kept yelling, "Daddy!" for him to throw it to them :^)

Still no word on Josie and little Matt, please continue to keep them and us in your prayers.
**The YouTube videos won't post.....I'll put them on here as soon as I can get them uploaded**


Leigh said...

I absolutely love it!!! DanDAn is so stinkin cute!! He delivered big time with that smile! I know God smiles alot with you over there! =)