Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My day with the boys!

"The boys" from L to R, JR, Arnel, Rodell, John Ray, and Kevin goofing around at Agnow!

PaPa, Me, and Nana on the beach at Agnow!

Different boys than my boys in America, it's time you meet them! There are eight students at
PTC right now and when I refer to "the boys" I am usually referring to five of them. John Ray,
Arnel, and Kevin are three of our six that made up the first class of PT. They are all
graduating with their AA degrees on Friday. Then our two new boys are JR and Rodell. Kevin is 17 and so funny! Him and Arnel, who is 19, are the ones I know the best because
they are the ones who were my helpers and translators most of last trip. Arnel is always
smiling. Next is John Ray, who is 20 and 5'0" might be a stretch! John Ray is ALWAYS
laughing at something and speaks so fast that even when he is speaking English I can't
understand him much better than when he is speaking Tagalog! Rodell is 23 and there is no
way he weighs 100lbs soaking wet and is about the same height as John Ray. He is SO
FAST! When we are playing with the kids I can't believe how fast he can run! JR is 21 and
very quiet and very quick to smile. The other three don't travel with us much and I don't
know very well because they are older and have their own congregations already that they
are usually taking care of while we do evangelism with the boys. They are Ed, who is 36
and single and Renaldo, who is married, and Fednando who is married and has three of the
most beautiful daughters I have ever seen!
When I tell about "today" it is actually my yesterday because when we got back last night I
fell asleep on top of my bed in my clothes and my shoes! Anyway, today started as normal
except early again because we had 2 baptisms lined up for 7 am so we were picked up at
6am. Not a bad way to start the day with two baptisms at the the beach! After that it was
Renaldo's day to speak in chapel. Then me, NaNa, PaPa, the boys, and Daniel all went to
Agnow. I firmly believe that Agnow is THE most beautiful place on Earth. Don't get me
wrong we have some gorgeous places in America and it almost takes my breath away to
think about the beauty of Greece. But imagine a beach with dark grey sand on one side of
the road and literal mountains on the other side! Now imagine there are no buildings really!
A few huts but no hotels, restaurants, condos, ect. Daddy calls it the most beautiful
baptistery in the world.
We drove up the mountain on what barely could be called a dirt road and had a Bible study
on top of the mountain with two girls. What a view! I can't imagine anyone living up there
and NOT believing in God! They decided to be baptized and we had to go ALL the way back
down the mountain and then walk about a mile to the compound on the beach where our
boys regularly hold Sunday service. We baptized them and then I held a Bible class with 49
of the most well behaved, respectful kids and told them the story of Noah. They had ever
heard it before and were amazed! It was well timed because it was pouring and we were
having our class on the "porch" while PaPa led a Bible study with 17 adults right inside. It
was cramped but wonderful!

I forgot to tell you that it takes 2 1/2 hours just to get to Agnow. So, on the way home we stopped at McDonalds, which is such a treat to these boys! The ride home was so fun because me and the boys got to just talk and sing and spend time with each other! We compared American and Philippine things and sang our respective national anthems. It was so fun but I could barely keep my eyes open on the way home!

When we got back to the hotel I laid down on top of my bed while Daddy tried, unsuccessfully, to get on line. I fell asleep, I think before I even got down! I fell asleep and Daddy couldn't even get me up to take my shoes off or get a shower! The next morning I would understand why I was so tired!


The Holtons said...

I am sure that you are as much fun for those boys as they are for you! Love you!

Leigh said...

You and your boys! I hope none of your football boys read this they might get jealous!! I know Don would bc everytime he sees me around campus he says "Please tell your sister to come...we miss her down there...its lost without her in the office!!" =) Love you and miss you!!