Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The post I never wanted to make

Terison "T" Hollis 11/07/88- 04/21/09

Ryne Wilhite 08/26/89- 04/21/09

Last year, not too long after I started working at Faulkner for the football team, a player died from Huntingdon College, our rival school here in town. I remember thinking how awful it was and actually praying that nothing like that would ever happen here. Today, with tears flowing down my face, I have to report that it has happened twice.

Ryne Wilhite and T Hollis were killed in a car crash on Hwy 82, returning to campus from a friends house in Tuscaloosa. According to troopers, it appears that they fell asleep and veered into an oncoming eighteen wheeler. Both were killed instantly.

I knew Ryne pretty well because he just transferred in in January from Mississippi, where he played for a junior college there, and I did a lot of talking to him and his parents on the phone and during visits. I didn't know T as well but he is one of only a handful of players that has been here since our inaugural season. Both kids were great kids with great hearts. T was a leader on this team and everyone had already grown to love Ryne.

I beg you to please keep their friends and families in your prayers and also the football team and coaches. These kids and coaches have to spend so much time together that they become each others family. The reaction of these kids when they were told this morning will go down as one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever seen.

We are swamped with media today, coming in and out of the office and calling. I really wanted to post more and tell you about how great these kids were but, it will have to be later. Just please keep them all in your prayers.

****terrible time but today is my dad's birthday and there will be a 53 things post about him, just not today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY! I love you!****


Bev said...

Laurie, I am so sorry for your school, the teams & coaches and those close to these young men. As a mother, I esoecially feel for their parents and the fact that they will lay their boys to rest. May God be with each & every one grieving over them. I love you...

Chad said...

Please pass on our condolences and let the team know they are definitely being prayed for.

Rebecca said...

I am praying for you all.

Leigh said...

No words...just tears even a day later...I love you and they are so blessed to have you down there!

Jamie G. Walker said...

Honey ~ just know we are asking God to bless and comfort all envolved and to give each one strength to get through this very difficult time. LU!