Friday, April 3, 2009

The Graduation Day...take two!

Ed, Ronaldo, Kevin, me, Arnel, Jehn Ray, Fernando, and PaPa

Daddy, the VP of PTC, speaking at graduation

Magiboo taking in the construction while enjoying his Halo Halo!

I couldn't could you?? A little halo halo for Joselito!

GO EAGLES, Philippine style!

Today we arrived about fifteen minutes before chapel so I had a little time with the kids who were already there and waiting. We walked around the campus and greeted everyone . All the faculty, staff, and many of their family members were already busy preparing for our graduation meal. I got to the back just as they were, literally, loading the the goat to the slaughter. They wanted us to watch but it didn't take but one "Baaa" before me and NaNa took off literally running inside.
I need to explain about the difference between the American way of fixing animal meat and the Philippine way. When they serve fish here it looks JUST like it did when they pulled it out of the water, just not moving. Complete with head, eyes, scales, and fins, ect. I have told them many times that I just CANNOT eat something that is looking at me! Americans love meat but they like it NOT to look like it did when it was alive!
Last night me and Daddy went to this really nice bakery and bought three big cinnamon braids for us to have for Graduation Day breakfast. We had that after chapel and it was quite a treat to all of us! Next, I handed out about 25 Faulkner t shirts that Mr. Joey had given me, to the boys, the staff/faculty, and some of their family members. It was bitter sweet because the ones that got them were SO EXCITED, but there were so many that I didn't have one for. Next time my suitcase will be packed with t-shirts, and old kids clothes and kids flip flops! There is no way that I could bring enough for everyone who needs or wants them but everyone who gets one is SO grateful!
After breakfast I went out and had a GREAT Bible class! I was feeling better so I think that helped. We sang, colored, and went over our Bible stories for almost two hours. Then I came in for lunch before going back out with the kids. At 2:00 I tried to send them home to get ready for graduation but, no such luck. About 80 of my kids came to graduation and REALLY did great! They love these boys and cheered like crazy for them when they received their degrees and awards. Also, me, Daddy, NaNa, and PaPa all received an award and went PaPa went up they chanted, "LoLo, LoLo, LoLo!" (grandfather). And when NaNa went up it was, "LoLa, LoLa, Lola!" (Grandmother). When I went of there, of course, there was a roar of "Ate Laurie, Ate Laurie!" but the funniest was when Daddy went up there. Know what they chanted and cheered? "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" I wish that I had recorded it!
I do need to explain that today was the very first graduation for PTC. We had six graduate with their AA degrees and five are planning on returning for their Bachelors. You, along with I, can't imagine how much work these people have put into this and how appreciative they all are of it. That isn't a knock, but with the American mindset we just CAN'T understand! We dont work that hard for anything because we don't have to. When the idea of PTC took place they had $247 U.S. dollars to get it off the ground. It's just amazing and I am more blessed that I could ever describe to you to even be a part of it!
After the graduation there was a massive feast! They killed a pig and a goat and OF COURSE we had rice! they also had bought cokes, which is a major treat over here. They also fed the kids in the back which was such a treat for them but also was really helpful to us! They were told to stay in that kids area while our fiesta was taking place but, of course, little Magiboo made his way over to where me and Daddy were sitting. I had a full plate and told him to go sit behind my chair and I gave him the entire plate. Daddy said if I was going to spoil him I might as well not do it half way and he gave him his Coke :^) That kid is never full because then he went over and scammed another plate off of Josie!
After everyone pretty much went home and everything was pretty much settled down we sat around, what would be like their living room (where we have chapel), in a circle, and were just recapping the day. We decided to sing "I'm Going That Way", one off all of our favorites, before we broke up that night. When we started singing (we had already sent all the kids home), I saw a little movement across the floor and looked up and saw Magiboo standing there. I called him over and he crawled up on my lap and sat there and sang!!! I WISH I had that on video for all of you! The kids knows only the word "yes" and words he learns in Bible songs. He picked up on the chorus pretty quick and kind of just made up words to sing along the tune! It was SO sweet! I understand a little how God takes all the bad of the world with little snip bits of such pure, wonderfulness every now and then.
I am already dreading going home. We have one more full day before it is our last day here and we start the trek home. I just can't believe it, really. Still know word on Josie, please continue to keep her and us in your prayers.