Sunday, April 19, 2009

Taxed Enough Already! (FOR THE LOVE!)

Me, Dirt, Louise and Leigh in the back of the T.E.A. party, Montgomery, AL edition!

I LOVE people getting their kids involved! And their signs were SO cute!!!

University Church of Christ representing!

Again, I LOVE the kid signs!

If that didn't make you laugh out loud.............

Dirt and some of his patriotic co-workers!

Yeah! Party like it's 1773!

Just hanging out with a couple thousand of my most patriotic friends!

So, this is a little late but on April 15th Leigh, Louise, Dustin, and myself all went to the T.E.A. party on the front steps of the State House in downtown Montgomery. I have recently decided that all the things that I hate about what America has become is my fault and probably yours too. I HATE most of the decisions that our congress, house, and presidents have made in the past few years. So, what can I say that I have done about it? Let's see... well, I voted. Yeah, that's it. I haven't written, e-mailed, or called my congressman, my senator, or my president. I haven't ever demonstrated or in any way shown my displeasure for the decisions our lawmakers have made. Persecute me for believing in and worshiping my God and what will I do? I'll vote! That'll get them.
I'm not downplaying the importance of voting at all. I have only missed one vote since I turned 18 and I DO consider it very unpatriotic NOT to participate in that right. However, that is not enough! One of the speakers said at the T.E.A. party said, "I keep hearing people say, 'How did we let all of this happen?' Well, the answer is pretty simple. 'WE' were at work!" Pretty true. I can honestly say that I feel like between my two jobs, church activities, ect. I don't feel like I have time to be a political activist and I'm sure you feel the same way. But, the truth is, that it's going to take, those of us who "don't have time" to get up and start getting involved before it's too late!
50 years ago who would have thought that killing babies, killing the elderly, getting pregnant just to use the stem cells that are grown during pregnancy and then "disposing" of the fetus, and gays marriage would be legal? And, who would have thought, 50 years ago, that praying before a ballgame and carrying a Bible in school would be ILlegal? What, then, will be legal and illegal fifty years from now? Who is OK with paying FORTY-TWO PERCENT in taxes, while over FIFTY PERCENT of the country DOESN'T even pay taxes?!?
What is going to be the last straw for you? I kind of had a few straws fall at one time, so it was hard to tell which one was the actual last. One of the straws was when I sat down and figured out that I paid more in taxes in 2008 than I MADE at my THIRTY HOUR A WEEK part time job! That means, I am working a entire SECOND job just to START paying my taxes!!! Another "straw" was when president Obama lifted the ban on spending OUR taxpayer money on abortions, OVERSEAS(! Does that even sound remotely right to ANYone? The last proverbial straw was when he went over to Europe and APOLOGIZED for America. I wanted to shout on TV all over the world, HE ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME!!!
So, (I'm getting ready to step off of my soapbox) I am announcing that I AM not standing by and being persecuted any more! I AM getting involved more and I really urge you to do the same! This T.E.A. party was just the beginning for me. I HATE the response to this by the main media ( and if you haven't seen these, you REALLY have to) who blames Fox News but for anyone who is interested in the truth, this is where it actually started (on CNBC, how funny is that!) you can watch it here
Last but not least, the TEA party was so fun and SO refreshing! Sometimes when you are surrounded by stuff you see on TV, read on the internet and in newspapers/magazines, you think that you are pretty much by yourself in your beliefs but I was assured on Wednesday that I wasn't! And, I LOVED the signs!


Chad said...

You are quite the motivational speaker (well typer). This post made me want to run through a brick wall and tackle someone.

The Dawkins said...

since I am not sure when you sleep, call me!!!! work is fine whatever you have my #s

The Holtons said...

You go, girl!!!! We have to step up and take back our country!