Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Kristen working hard dying the eggs!

Our supplies are prepared!!

It's hard to believe that just one week ago I was telling Magiboo and all of my friends in the Philippines goodbye. Yesterday, as I was walking through Target looking at the Easter stuff I saw a small little Easter toy that just unexpectedly brought tears to my eyes. The thought came to mind that Magiboo has never had a Easter basket and most likely never will. The tears came with a smile though, just thinking about how much he would love all that candy :^)
Yesterday I went Easter shopping at Wal Mart as soon as I got up. I also picked up my pictures and 127 pictures later and hour had past with me just standing there looking at them. I then came home and went to bed so I could get up early. I got up about 5 and me and Kristen, who is my only family member in town this weekend, went to the salon to get pedicures. How it needed mine was from those weeks walking all over Luzon in flip flops! Then we cam home and dyed eggs! It was SO fun!
When I got to work last night, my secret sister had left me an Easter basket with some of my favorite things inside! I'm am ABSOLUTELY embarrassed to tell you that I ate an ENTIRE bag of mini Snickers! On top of that we had Easter dinner there and I had two helpings of lasagna and of course only one small one of lasagna! Either I am totally glutenous or I REALLY missed good old American dishes (please ignore the fact that lasagna is Italian!)
This morning I came home and made Kristen, Leigh, Louise, and Dirt Easter baskets. Fun stuff. Now I am about to get ready and go to early service with Kristen and then we are going out to eat for Easter dinner! I hope that all of you have as wonderful an Easter as I already have with your friends and family!


Hicks Family said...

yeah, some of Kayden's candy disappeared....

The Holtons said...

Glad Kristen was there with you...and you with her! Wish I had been there for the pedicure AND an Easter basket. BTW...we have been eating bags of jellybeans since they came out!!! The sour starburst ones!!!!!

Louise said...

Thanks so much for my easter basket!! You and Leigh spoil us rotten!!! ILY~