Monday, April 6, 2009

Manila Day

Well, we were picked up at 9:20 this morning by Brother Roger, his wife Lisa, and Josie. It is about a six hour drive. In Tarlac (about half way between Dagupan and Manila) we stopped and ate at Pancake House (their version of Huddle House, IHOP, ect.) and I had a a really good club sandwich. For dessert we all split this thing that was vanilla ice cream, that had nuts and m and m's in it, it was then wrapped in a waffle and covered in chocolate syrup. It was really good and it was my first meal with no rice! Consequently, we had KFC for supper and they asked what side and I was so happy to answer "mashed potato's!" Joke was on me. They gave you an option of sides but that was in addition to your side of rice! The KFC is connected to our hotel, which is the airport hotel. We are just hanging out in the one room with NaNa and PaPa. We are watching Fox and Friends and I helped open NaNa and PaPa a facebook account! Me and NaNa have been having so much fun looking for people she knows! They will leave here about 9:30 and go across the parking lot (they will take a cab, not walk like we had to when we got here!) to airport, they fly out at midnight. Their route is Manila to Seoul, South Korea to Dallas-Fort Worth to Atlanta to Valdosta. They will arrive at 9:30p.m. local time, Tuesday, Lord willing. We will leave here at about 7a.m. local time tomorrow and fly out at 9a.m. Our route is from Manila to Tokyo to Chattanooga.We will arrive home Tuesday night at about 9p.m., local time Tuesday.
Not much to report today except that I really miss my kids. Magiboo would really love everything even the ride to Manila and especially, the Pancake King and KFC! Boy, that kid loves to eat! Please keep us in your prayers as we travel. I will try to update again from Tokyo.