Wednesday, April 15, 2009

These guys!

No real reason to post except to say how funny these guys are I work with! I am about to be laid off for three months and yesterday and today these guys have had me rolling! Being around boys on a regular basis is such a different experience. Their point of view is SO different from mine and, might I add, usually so misguided!

Lately our conversation has revolved around one of the guys that is getting married in June. It is HILARIOUS to listen to his expectations from marriage! I can see why so many marriages fail....because boys are CRAZY in what they expect! It's a good thing he is marrying such a good girl!

The other thing that has occupied most of their/our time has been some kids stole some of our golf carts and took them for "joy rides", wrecking them, and tearing them up. Well, we have a camera out there but since it was dark, it was real hard to make out the kids. So, for two days the guys and the security guys were all crowded around my computer, watching the video feed. My little regular detectives :^) I wish I had been able to take a picture or better, a video, so ya'll could have heard them figuring it out. Which, I am proud to say, they did.

I really love this job and wish that it was a more permanent thing. Now.....I am off to create memories for my next blog.....The TEA Party!!!!


Leigh said...

I love it!!!! :) Oh those boys and crazy expectations!