Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Sad, Last Day

My last Bible class at the campus of this campaign.

Magiboo and a friend in our "classroom" coloring a picture of Daniel.

Daddy preaching to the "congregation" this morning.

One of the most precious and pathetic kids in San Fabien and definitely one of the happiest!

Magiboo, Sandra, their grandmother, and aunt and uncle's two room "house", yesterday when we drove by he was inside washing his own clothes.

Our final "class" in our back porch "classroom"

Magiboo giving Ate Laurie a little much needed love before we left.

Magiboo trying out his photography skills!

Could I bring him back and pass him as mine? Yes? (That's how I have to ask him everything...."Want something to eat, yes?" He always answers "Yes", he doesn't know what I'm saying but he understands voice inflection and when I say yes, he answers yes, no matter what!

Well, it's all over but the travel now. More than a few tears have been shed and I don't see them ending anytime soon. I am so grateful to have been able to come, as I know that so many are not. I love these people, they are truly my family and I miss them as much when we are apart.
Today started off with me and Daddy being picked up by Indios and Daniel. We went to a new congregation that only has three members and two of them were out of town today :^) There were five of us total including the four of us! She is a school teacher and they meet in the local high school. After that we went back to the campus. I got to spend some time with just Jomar 1 and 2 and Magiboo. Magiboo had skanked a balloon from a wedding being celebrated in the compound and was throwing it up and catching, just squealing with delight. One time it went down and he went down full force for it and smacked his head, right at the eyebrow and stared wailing. Usually he just needs a little attention and TLC from Ate Laurie but even that wasn't enough this time. I went and washed his face off and Julie even gave him a orange (which proved he was really hurting because he didn't even eat it!), and put a cold cloth on his head. Finally I picked him up and we went out to the new hammock and we both laid down and both took a little siesta. The kid has to wash his own clothes, I know there isn't anyone to give him TLC when he normally gets a boo boo. It just breaks my heart, literally. Later Julie called him inside and gave him a bath. I guess he is in charge of giving himself one so they keep a change of clothes at the campus and give him regular baths. I know I leave him in good hands with them but I would still prefer to take him with me.

By the 3:30 time for the Campus CoC service there were about 40 kids for class. It was hot and I was pretty emotional but it was very good anyways. I told the story of Daniel and at then end when I asked how we could be like Daniel and go to Heaven (do what God says or pray would have been an acceptable answer) and one girl raised her hand and answered "We could all die" Well, that is one step in the getting to Heaven process :^) After the tears and the goodbyes at the campus, we went to San Fabien and had a short service before thunderstorms set in. Those kids are so precious and so pathetic at the same time. You can't imagine their poverty. We did get some antibiotic ointment and peroxide to the little girl with the "rotting" fingers. They were starting to turn black. Brother Roger will be keeping an eye on them every Sunday.
As I sit here watching Fox News about a father shooting and killing all five of his own children, someone trapping and ambushing police officers, killing three of them, North Korea launching a missile and it is freezing, literally across most of the US, it's hard for me to stop crying about leaving. If I stayed, I would cry, missing my friends and family but right now it is hard to look past leaving all the ones I love here. PaPa did take me and most of the boys to McDonalds for one last coke float and as we pulled up to the hotel the boys sang "Never Say Goodbye." You can imagine how much that helped!
I now have to pack and do a lice treatment (not sure if I need it or not but we always do one when we leave since all the kids have it) and get really for the long trip home. I'm not sure who was more upset when I left, me or Magiboo, but since he is 5, he will probably get over it more quickly. I wish I would be able to get it through my heart that he, and all of them, are ok without me. My head knows it is really me who needs them more than vise versa.
Josie still has not have had Matt and we really have no further word on her. Please keep her and us in your prayers and we will leave for Manilla in the morning. Hopefully I will be able to blog from there.